Rally Around Our King

Cheryl and I attended a night of Praise and Prayer at the home of Craig Huey on Friday night.  We were invited to attend, along with about 200 others who worked on the campaign.  We went, representing our church (Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach) more than ourselves, as Craig’s message of hope is to rally around our churches.  Here in the South Bay, conservatives are badly outnumbered by those who would see our country go down to ruinous spending and all kinds of other problems.   We are fed up with half-baked and ill conceived solutions to our social and economic problems.  We are also tired of a Congress that does nothing to address real problems, rather they sit around in the “Club like” atmosphere and vote themselves salary increases and pork for their constituents because that is what politics in this country has become:  The Least Effective Solution.

Craig’s vision, the one that started his campaign was to rally conservatives in churches throughout the South Bay in Los Angeles.  He came darn close to beating Janice Hahn in the runoff election held last month, and likely would have beat her if the democrats hadn’t gotten scared and run to the President and his “Machine” for help.  With the help of President Obama’s campaign staff, and about a million dollars poured into our state during the last 2 weeks of the election, as well as 18 phone banks, 400,000 live calls and tens of thousands of “Robocalls” from Bill Clinton, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats won that election, and preserved their seat in Congress, and they won for themselves another corrupt politician who will line up right behind the President and say “Yessir!” to all his agenda.

Our only hope here, and indeed in our nation is to rally around the Church, around Jesus.  We all of us share common values, we share a common vision for what America should be like, what it once was.  America is not this pandering plethora of special interest groups and entitlement programs that it has become, not really. What has happened is that good and decent folks, those in the Church have given up hope.  They’ve given up because they feel their voice has been taken away and small groups like gays and lesbians – who represent less than 2% of America – have gotten all kinds of legislation passed because they YELL LIKE HELL!

Well, enough about the problem.  Our solution is clear, we must unite a fractious and splintered group known collectively as “The Church.”  We must take down walls, we must undo all the myriad “Fiefdoms” spread all over the place.  We must show people there is power in numbers!   We must unite across denominational boundaries.  We must build bridges to connect folks from all walks of life, those who follow Jesus must see this as our only way out of this mess.  We must take back America!  That is what we prayed for on Friday night, and we praised God because the liberals realize the day of reckoning is coming and that we are finally fed up – and they are scared!

We will rally around our King – around Jesus.  He is our victorious warrior who will lead us to victory in this fight to take back America and make it a decent place to have a family and raise kids again.



2 thoughts on “Rally Around Our King

  1. Scott, Craig Huey sent me your post. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I was at his house too that Friday night, am fed up and convicted by the Holy Spirit to stand up to make my voice count. I can’t bare the thought of looking my kids in they eyes when they are my age and confess to them that I lived through the down turn of American and did nothing. If nothing else, as a father I must stand up for my children and their future.

    Like you we agree The Church must rally around our King. Craig and I believe that one big step The Church must take together is to humble ourselves and repent of our sins before God. It is very clear that through the scriptures that as The Church goes so does the nation. If change is to begin is must begin with us, with me. With this in our hearts we have put together a South Bay Day of Repentance to be held in Torrance on October 11th, 2011. We would love to have you join us and help spread the word too.

    If you’re up for joining us we would love to work together. You can reach me at evan@craighuey.com.

    Blessings to you brother.

    • Thanks Evan for the encouragement. It’s great to know there are more than a few of us who feel this way.

      Bless you brother!

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