Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Copy of my review for this movie that I put up on

In A Word: Horrible

My wife and I walked out of this picture. That’s the second time this year we’ve had to leave a movie because it was just disgusting. My wife was done with it a bit before I was, I guess I just kept expecting it to get better somehow, and rise above the gutter where it started out. But, it never got better. I was ashamed of Jennifer Aniston. I would challenge her with this: “Ms. Aniston, would you take your mother to see this picture?”

My wife was embarrassed by the women in the audience who were laughing at the sexual innuendo and crass jokes in that 1/2 hour of the movie we saw. One woman in particular was cackling like a fool. It reminds me of that scene in Forrest Gump where the guy is standing at our nation’s capitol and he keeps getting the audience fired up by dropping the F-bomb. In that case it was an editorial comment on our society’s downward plunge, in this case it’s a sad commentary how far we’ve come that is all the writer’s (and actors) have left to try to create “Humor.” It was not humor, it was a portrayal of the lowest in human behavior.


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