Very Bad Day for America


FOXNews Article on California’s new law

In a sharp blow to conservatives everywhere, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a controversial law that makes it so that California’s electoral votes would go to the winner of the National popular vote.  The law, however, won’t go into effect unless several more states pass similar laws.  The liberal left has been pouring 10’s of millions of dollars into the campaign to get this law passed in enough states so they can effectively “abolish” the electoral college.

This is a very dangerous thing for the GOP and conservatives everywhere.  If this law passes in enough states, then the Democrats can steal any election by winning the 4 largest cities in America (which are already Democratic).  That reduces the amount of campaigning they must do, and allows them to “super-concentrate” their efforts in places that will allow them to do just that.

Thus, more people will move to these cities which are already overcrowded because of the “vote packing” and pork and special entitlement programs offered as “incentives” and no fair election will ever again happen in America.  No campaigning will ever take place in rural America following that, in fact, the heartland will be ignored, and folks will quickly find that they get nothing from the government anymore, but get taxed into oblivion because they have no voice.jerry_brown_-_california_governor_ap_photo-paul_sakuma


One thought on “Very Bad Day for America

  1. I wrote this article some time back, and then I was convinced that if the Electoral College went away, that the democrats would only need to win the big 4 cities in America to win any election (popular vote). However, I am now of the opinion that they would need to win 8 / 10 of the largest cities in order to do this. That’s still pretty much the same ratio. but it means a lot more popular votes in reality.

    Not sure the status on this movement either. Need to look that up.

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