Tea Anyone?

Last night was the regular meeting of the South Bay Tea Party – and it was PACKED!  I saw a few folks I recognized, and we were very fortunate to hear an eloquent speech from a beautiful African American woman who spoke to us about the American dream of brotherhood – real brotherhood.  Craig Huey also got up and gave a “Post election analysis” of the reasons we did not win this election.  It is mainly as we thought, the democrats got scared and poured millions of dollars into their campaign at the last minute to “rescue” their candidate from certain failure.  Craig had the numbers to prove his point:

If voter turnout had been as expected (12% is traditional for a runoff like this) he would have easily won with a comfortable margin.  If even 18% had turned out (50% over expectations) we would still have won with a good margin.  If 20% voter turnout had happened Craig would still have won!  But, the democrats pulled an amazing feat out of their hat, they achieved 25% voter turnout, with a TREMENDOUS last minute “GET THE VOTE OUT” ploy from Bill Clinton, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and they won with their 55-45 advantage (actually about 9% margin).

We were shocked that a video that aired from FOXNews that proved Ms. Janice Hahn to be a corrupt politician – which Craig Huey had nothing to do with – caused this overwhelming reaction from the left.  It’s obvious they were scared of the precedent of possibly losing a seat in an overwhelmingly democratic area.  That is good, as I’ve said, and will say again:  The Tea Party has the liberals running scared – and for GOOD REASON!

It was a real treat to be there.  Some folks were there who were at the Dockweiler Beach “First Tea Party” event in the South Bay 2 years ago.  We sang the National Anthem, then God Bless America and even Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” as we sat there in a packed house at the Hope Chapel youth center.  There were seats for about 200, and we were over capacity with folks standing during the meeting.  There’s an awful lot of folks who – like me – are simply fed up with big government saying they have all the solutions.  Leave us alone we say and let us pursue life, liberty and happiness on our own – we are just fine without your meddling I say!

We also got to hear Alex Vargas speak, he is the Mayor Pro Tem of Hawthorne, an eloquent fellow who spoke of making relationships with the Latino community (he’s a Republican).  He described how he shares with his fellow Latinos about his values, the Tea Party values, and then asks how they can be democrats?  The folks he talks to always agree with him he says, but he faces an uphill battle in the upcoming (November 8th he said) election for Mayor of Hawthorne.  Hawthorne is nominally about 51% Latino (like LA) but the city is also over 70% democrat which is a very difficult hurdle indeed.  We all listened intently when he asked for support.  I think all of us agreed we need to support this man, for his principles and his values alone, it has nothing at all to do with the fact he’s a Latino.  He’s a Tea Partier!

Hooray for the Tea Party!


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