Now the Tea Party is to Blame?

That’s a good one!  As far as I can see, President Obama has never taken responsibility for anything that has happened during his administration.  Oh well, I guess you could say he’s taken credit for “Obamacare” if you want to call it that.  This is the biggest boondoggle President I’ve ever seen.  The world is crumbling around him, and he chooses to point the finger at everyone else.  I can’t believe anybody even voted for this guy.  Wake up people – wake up!

Oh, I suppose for posterity, I should mention why President Obama is blaming the Tea Party and for what we are being blamed.  The Tea Party’s stated position is that government needs to be smaller, and that we must not spend beyond our means (expenditures can never be larger than revenues).  That’s just good business management, right?  The current administration seems to live in some fantasy land where they believe that we can “Spend our way out of this deficit.”  That’s insanity, pure and simple.

The “old days” are gone.  There is no more credit anywhere in America.  We’ve got to wake up and realize that we are broke – all of us – and that nobody can afford to borrow any more.  There are those who have been shouting this at government for years, writing articles, blogging and telling anybody who would listen.  Back in 2004 when I was working at Home Depot I had a Realtor tell me that the government was messing things up giving away homes to people who couldn’t qualify for them, and didn’t really “deserve” them.  Those folks got 105-110% loans, FREE, and were put under Title 8 from day 1 (mortgage assistance from HUD) and they lived in those places for upwards of a year without ever paying a dime!  Then, when they left, they took all the fixtures, left holes in all the walls, took the carpet and tile even in many cases, and got away without ever owing anybody anything.

Is that right?  Is it fair?  Heck no!  Who paid for it?  I did – and you did too!  We all of us taxpayers paid for those folks to rip off the system.  Why?  Because back in the days of Bill Clinton, they decided that folks “should all have homes.”  They made it a “right” to home ownership or some such.  I never read that in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, did you?  I read it that we have the freedom to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  There are no guarantees in this life, why did a bunch of crooks and such suddenly become “entitled” to so much from the system?

I don’t have a prejudice bone in my body.  My church, I consider to be a small piece of heaven.  We have a great ethnic mix at Hope Chapel.  The neighborhood where we lived in Denver (Aurora) before moving back to CA was similar.  Our church in CO was similar.  My wife grew up in a neighborhood in VA and went to schools there that were mostly African American.  This has nothing to do with race, creed or color.  In fact, there are probably just as many white folks out there ripping off the system, or were, in the fashion I described above, as there were anybody else.

The system is BROKE!  Entitlements don’t work.  The government is not the answer, they don’t have any answers!  Those people can’t even decide what they want for lunch let alone how to solve the budget deficit problems!  And they all of them eat $50 steak dinners every day of the bloody week!  Sheesh, do I sound angry?  I guess so.  After living off Top Ramen a few years, you start to be a little angry I guess, especially when the clowns who are supposed to figure out how to drive taxes down so we can all get out from under the tremendous government burdens don’t do what we hired them to do!

Message to President Obama:  You’re fired!



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