Professional Sports Boycott


So, it’s official, Cheryl and I are boycotting professional sports. We are just sick of the high priced prima-donnas who run around acting like jerks and demanding multi-million dollar compensation packages, when there are so many of us out of work and scraping the bottom of the barrel. After the football lockout ended, I heard that several athletes received new multi-million dollar contracts that were borderline record-setting amounts (one was $90M I heard!).

There are folks who’ve lost everything following tornadoes earlier this year in our own country. There have been fires and earthquakes and floods, and these “athletes” think they need more money, bigger stadiums, more status as “greats” and so on and so forth. Well, we’re voting with our feet (and our pocketbooks). No more pro sports for us. The world just has too many other important problems to be dealt with to wet-nurse a bunch of 300lb juveniles.

You know, it’s kinda interesting, but Cheryl and I have always had the highest regard for amateur sports.  We both feel that amateur sports is about character building.  We have a friend who was coaching Little League baseball earlier this year, and he said exactly the same thing.  Isn’t that interesting that is how we consider amateur sports to be the exact opposite of what professional sports has come to represent?  There are very few professional athletes out there who are about character, or building character.  They seem to be all about money, and what they can get out of it.


5 thoughts on “Professional Sports Boycott

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, I’m a 24 year old male who loved pro sports but it’s just not right anymore. The high end athletes are now making upwards of 200 million in their career. If you assume the average person to make 30,000 dollars a year, which still might be high, it would take you 6,666 years to make that money. The only people who need that type of money are non for profits who help people. The corruption of this world is way out of hand and I for one am sick of it.

  2. OK, nearly 2.5 years later, and we’re still boycotting. I don’t even hardly watch sports on TV. It’s almost entirely a “Non interest” to me anymore. Honestly don’t have time to waste on that kind of stuff. I can’t imagine somebody with nothing else to do but sit around on a weekend watching the tube to see some hulksters trying to demolish one another. Just doesn’t even register on my radar anymore as being even remotely interesting!

  3. Over 6 years later, and we now have even more reasons to boycott! The liberals and progressives have gotten ahold of pro-sports athletes and turned them into mouthpieces. Gag! It started with one NFL quarterback who is now unemployed (and unemployable) and has since spread to entire teams, kneeling during the National Anthem, disrespecting our flag, our anthem, our country, our military and our veterans. They should all be fired.

    I respect their right to protest. But, they are “Employees” and are subject to the same rules as the rest of us: While on company time, while representing the company, and the NFL, they cannot protest. Who out there is allowed to protest on company time? Anyone? Oh wait, I forgot those who “Protest” or did for BLM and Occupy, they were paid. PAID TO PROTEST. What a concept!

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