Being “Entitled”

OK, so this hit me this morning when I woke up.  Or maybe it was last night, and I’m remembering it again just now.  The real scary thing about the way our government is operating is that all the entitlement programs foster dependency in entire groups of people.  What struck me is this:  The first step towards enslaving people is to make them dependent on something.

The British did this in China when they went in there with boatloads of Opium.  They wrecked an entire country for the sake of their Tea trade.  I heard, in a recent conversation with an Iranian fellow, that the British are still using those same tactics.  This fellow’s father told how the British had come into his village in Iran with truckloads of Opium, and they told the people that if they smoked it, that they’d come back and buy the resin / residue from their pipes from them.  Initially they gave the Opium to the people for free.  Later they started charging for the Opium, and they drained all the wealth from these poor peasants, and ruined entire regions of Iran, changed the people from prosperous farmers to dependent drug addicts.  The same thing has happened in the past few years in Afghanistan, and I needn’t tell you who is getting the people to grow Opium over there.

Is that behavior any different from our government and its “entitlement” programs?  I speak with some knowledge having lived off unemployment for more than a couple years.  We gave it up after coming to California, and I have to tell you I really hope I never have to go back onto unemployment again!  It’s just like welfare, it fosters dependency, and it creates a mindset of hopelessness.  When you are hungry you will go out and look hard for a job, for work, you’ll make work!  It’s trials that grow us, not handouts from a government that is seeking to enslave us.  My belief is that the Democrats are moving us ever closer to a totalitarian state, because if you can make the people dependent, then you can enslave them.  If you can enslave them, then you can make them do whatever you want.  That’s the real issue with entitlement programs.




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