Aftermath of Election – Congressional District 36 – Report

There are tons of interesting statistics out there about this election.  The other night Cheryl and I got to see some of those statistics and hear some numbers at the local California Republican Assembly meeting (South Bay Chapter).  We discussed why Craig didn’t win, and we discussed also the fact that a Conservative candidate, a Tea Party candidate got 45% of the popular vote in Los Angeles County – one of the most liberal places on earth!  That was a miracle we thought!

Here’s what I wrote on Craig’s Facebook page:


Rejoice – I say again – rejoice!

There are California liberal organizations reveling out there in their “victory” today. I tell you, Craig Huey had a victory too! We are so proud of you Craig that you were able to say “Win or lose, we are victorious in this election.” And, we are! The liberals were scared for one thing. They had to go all the way to the top and get robocalls from Bill Clinton, and calls from the “President Obama for America” organization at the last minute to “get the vote out.” I tell you – they’re running scared.

This election was a victory for Tea Party conservatives everywhere.

We’re proud of you Craig!


So you see, we consider this election a victory in that, even though we lost, we got folks involved in the process, many who had never been involved before like Cheryl and I.  We now know that this is a good way to make an impact.  After hearing from Al Han the other night at the CRA meeting, we are even more determined to try and make a difference.  California is reeling from too many years of mis-management, over-spending, over-taxation and greed and corruption (politics as usual, eh?).  We’re going to try and do something about it!



One thought on “Aftermath of Election – Congressional District 36 – Report

  1. Though we are a ways off from the California election season, it is still good to start thinking about things ahead of time.  Hopefully these elections will make the type of changes we need here in California.  Sooner the better too!!

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