Navy Week!

Mighty Abe - USS Abraham Lincoln moored in San Pedro (Los Angeles) HarborGads – I forgot what a ZOO Los Angeles is for any type of “free event.” On the way down to San Pedro, I was reminding Cheryl how awful it is to try to get to any type of free outdoor event, concerts in the park and so forth. They are lots of fun, but given the number of folks, who, like us are looking for “free” or certainly cheap entertainment, are trying desperately to get to these types of cultural events, it makes life very difficult. Even Navy Week at Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro) was mobbed!

We got there at 10:10a – only 10 minutes after the tours were due to start for the Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln. Guess what? It was already over a 2hr wait to get into the line to see the ship! You had to go through the security screening checkpoint, and then you had to ride the little buses they were operating to get through the security checkpoint on the dock. They said yesterday (Wednesday) they were expecting about 10,000 folks to come down for the tour, they had over 50,000 people show up! They had to close everything down early so they could finish giving out tours to the folks they had in line!

I guess like all things in LA, especially the free ones, you had better get there early and be prepared to wait in line for a long time! As I said earlier, it tends to be that way for all activities here in LA, especially the free cultural events, concerts in the park, Shakespeare in the park, outdoor movies and so on and so forth. Even the paid events are crowded, though not so badly these days it seems. Attendance is down at Dodgers games, they are near the bottom of the league and are in financial distress, so who wants to support them? I guess only the diehard baseball fans. We can’t even afford tickets for the cheap seats anymore!

We met folks who, like us, can’t afford to go out to paid entertainment anymore. Their austerity budget allowed them out about twice a month to McD’s and BK. But, on the bright side of things, we met many Veterans today, some Navy, some Coast Guard, one Air Force like Cheryl! We swapped some good stories, and we got some nice photos of mighty “Abe” from across the bay. We gave up on the tour, and decided to find a nice spot on Cabrillo Beach where we could get some great photos. We found a spot at the Boy Scouts Camp across the harbor. We sat there for some time talking with a nice couple, and we pointed a few other folks to the wonderful photo-op place as well.

Afterwards, Cheryl and I went and strolled Pt. Fermin Park, below Ft. McArthur Park in San Pedro, and then we visited the Wayfarer’s Chapel (aka the Glass Church or Glass Chapel). There was a wedding going on there, so we thanked God for the day, a GORGEOUS day, and prayed for our friends who got on a plane today headed for Vietnam. As in all things, you gotta learn to “Flex and roll” baby, flex and roll. It wound up being just a nice slow day for Cheryl and I since we decided not to bother with the long lines and crowds, rather we just did our own thing. A bit different from how things used to be in Colorado, but still enjoyable for us. As long as we’re together and with Jesus in charge!


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