Netflix raises prices – by 60%!!!

So, we dropped our Netflix subscription – immediately.  That’s just uncalled for.  I read this morning that their stock price jumped on that announcement.  It’s similar to another announcement I read yesterday:  That CSCO stock price was headed upwards because they were laying off 10k people world-wide so they could boost profit.  I tell you – that makes me ill.  The executives at Cisco are going to boost profit to boost stock price to boost their own bonuses at year-end by ruining the lives of 10,000 people – folks who are just like you and me, who had a job one day, and the next didn’t.  The executives at Netflix are thinking along similar lines, only they decided to try and do it without laying folks off or something, by using another strategy:  raising prices.  I can’t pay the higher prices – we’re going back to Redbox, rent a video, return it yourself.




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