America – the Failed Dream

I saw something very sad last night on TV. Of course, you have to take everything you see on TV with a grain of salt, right? Anyhow, this gal, a single mother of 3, laid off last year from her job, has run out of unemployment benefits, and can’t find a job. So, she’s living from food-stamp issue to food-stamp issue. Food stamps, in the form of deposits to a special “account” are made available once a month, in the amount of $97 for her and her 3 children. Is this what our country has come down to?

Are we really forcing mothers of 3 children to try to live off $97 a month? That’s less than a dollar a day per person in the family. That’s less than what the typical person in Haiti has to live off! How did we ever slide so far downwards people? Of course, this woman admitted that she gets to “supplement” her food stamp purchases with food she receives from a local food bank, probably a church. But did Channel 7 (ABC) give any credit to the church for helping this woman out when things are so dire? Not at all. They simply mentioned it in passing.

ABC is the most liberal, biased, self-serving bunch of jerks I have ever seen! They talked about Michele Bachmann’s Gay Recovery clinic, like that’s something bad. A gay fellow said he went there (undercover with a hidden camera) to get help, and they offered to pray with him, and show him how his sin is making him not have a right relationship with God.   Hey folks, I got news for you, that is the same message we all of us get.   Sin _is_ the problem, and Jesus Christ is the only answer.

The fact is – we’re not doomed, we’re not even in dire straits if we have a right relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve been doing some serious study on the Internet lately, and what I’ve found disturbs me greatly though. It appears, that not only news organizations, but Atheists in general think they can “Paint a picture” however they want and they can call it truth. Take this one argument that I found on an Atheist web site: “Why doesn’t God cure amputees?” The truth? I have no idea. Does it matter? Not one bit. It doesn’t change who God is, or what He’s done, or who Jesus is, or what He’s done. The truth is, He _could_ cure an amputee if He wanted, and I’m sure Jesus, in essence, did. He cured a man with a “shriveled hand.” The hand was restored to normal (Matthew, Chp. 12).

Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel Chp. 3), I would go into the fire believing that He could bring me out if He wanted to. It’s not a question of what God does that makes Him worthy of us following Him. It’s what He did at Calvary that made all the difference. God is not some Genie in a bottle, that we “call up” when we need Him. That even sounds distasteful when you say it! God is who is revealed to us in the Bible, by prophecy in the Old Testament about who He is, and by eye-witness testimony in the New Testimant about what He did when He was here. What is there (in the Bible) is sufficient to reveal who He is without further need of proof!

He’s also attested to by nature, as in a book I’m reading now that says “The 2nd book of revelation is nature itself.” How could this all possibly have gotten here by mere chance? That’s utterly foolish to think about too! And I had all that college and so forth, and threw it all out when I became a Christian, well, not all of it, but a lot of it. Only here we are today, in a society that is growing more and more polarized each day it seems, arguing over what, how to spend, or not to spend more of our tax money? Is that really the issue?

I ask you, is that the issue? Or is the issue clouded by some obscure rhetoric, to hide the fact that we have two opposing world views in a head on collision, and it’s not about money, it’s about what’s RIGHT and what’s WRONG? Is it really that simple? Could it possibly be?


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