Craig Huey For Congress – Countdown to Election Day

Hey all –

The election is just a few days away now (July 12th) for the open seat in the U.S. Congressional District #36 here in CA. Our local Tea Party candidate Businessman Craig Huey is poised to hopefully make a historic defeat over career politician Janice Hahn. Right now it’s anybody’s battle, we are praying that Craig will win!

On a sadder note, and in reality this toasts my grits, is that I have “lost” about 10 signs that we put up along our street. I put up my last 3 signs this morning, with American flags and all to decorate them, and they’ve all disappeared. And the liberals call us Christians “intolerant?” They don’t fight fair. There are Janice Hahn signs up in our church parking lot, not put up there by anybody from the church – I can assure you of that! But, nobody touched those Janice Hahn signs either.

It’s sad, isn’t it?

We won’t give up the fight. We’ve handed out literature, talked with our neighbors about the election and how important it is to get somebody like Craig Huey in there who will be fiscally responsible.

Keep praying!


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