July 2nd – What Day is it?

Hey there all! I thought it would be *fun* to do something different today.  First, it seems that there has been an awful lot of stuff happening lately, without anything at all really happening.  The NBA, the league of professional basketball players, associations, teams and owners and such, has gotten itself into a bind.  It appears that 23 out of 30 teams lost money last year.  Do you think that’s any sign of the times?  Maybe those guys really are overpaid after all?  Maybe it’s just that they’re all about money and not about playing basketball.  If they loved basketball, they wouldn’t be sitting around arguing with each other about money now would they?

The NFL is in similar straits – players locked out arguing over money.  Now, the Dodgers are in bankruptcy and so are 2 or 3 other major league baseball teams.  Is this all really a sign of the times or is this just some sort of coincidence?  I ask you – really?  Seriously?  Can all this bad news really be happening at the same time by chance?  Oh – you say, we’re in the middle of a recession, and things are just hard for everyone.  Good, I hope things get a little harder for those overpaid prima donnas, and a few of them lose their Cadillac Escalades as a result.  Oh, gee, did I say that?  *grin*

Yesterday was Canada Day, I hope those Canadians are getting along better than us Americans during this tough economy.  We’re sure not seeing much in terms of a “recovery” any time soon, are we?  Craig Huey is running for Congress, and he said the other night that our money supply, one of the major economic measures of the economy has been increasing by great amounts lately.  I kept asking myself – “Where?  I sure don’t see any of that *new* money floating around – where is it all going?”  Then, I figured it out.

You see, the Federal Reserve, chaired by Bernanke, and backed by all those liberals it seems, well, they’ve figured out a way to keep the government going.  They print new money to buy up old debt.  There’s still a ton of debt floating around out there that is high interest rate stuff, relatively anyhow, so they’re printing new money and buying up that old debt so they can replace it with low-interest debt by selling new bonds.  It’s the only way they can keep a balance and keep this broken down economic engine going.  They think the government is responsible for keeping a free market system going or some such nonsense.  And guess what?  Since the Chinese own about 30-35% of our debt – that’s where all this *new* money is going – well, at least 30-35% of it.  Some of it’s probably going to other foreign nations too, those who “own” our country now.

It appears nobody wants to read the writing on the wall and just admit we’re broke.  The Greeks are broke, the English are broke, the Canadians are broke, the French are broke, in fact most of the world is broke, and they’re taking “Austerity measures” to cope with it.  They (most everyone else besides us Americans) have realized they have to curb spending to get out of debt.  Our government still seems to think we can “Spend our way out of this crisis.”  Does something not make sense here?  Is President Obama really trying to ruin our country?  I ask you seriously on that one – is he?

OK, I said this was going to be fun today, and here’s some interesting stuff.

We had lunch with my brother this past week, and he was somewhat hesitant, but decided he had to “set me straight” about our daddy.  He just got finished doing a family history back to the 1600’s and he had quite a bit of research specifically regarding our father.  It appears, my daddy was a story teller.  Yes, he was an airline pilot, and he was in the Navy and the Army and the Air Force, but from what Gary can tell, he never left the US (American soil) and he never actually fought anywhere (never went anywhere near combat).  He was, a rapscallion before his mother made him go into the Navy – at 16 – and she lied about his age because she couldn’t control him any longer – he was failing High School (Gary has his transcripts and his academic records too).

Dad, unfortunately, continued his ways in the Navy and got himself in quite some trouble though he did score excellent in all his testing to become a radio operator and later a pilot.  He did well in all his classes and training, but they just never sent him anywhere.  As the war ended, he went AWOL and got in a HEAP of trouble, nearly got dishonorably discharged.  I assume that was all around the time he met his first wife (my brother Gary’s mother).   He used to talk about “shotgun weddings” and I always wondered if his first marriage weren’t one of those types.  He was in Mississippi at the time…

It’s quite humorous actually, and I am writing it up on my blog to set everyone else straight about him – just as I was set straight.  I kind of thought I ought to go back and change all the stuff I’ve already written about him, but then I thought, no, I’ll just go and set folks straight just like Gary told me, and we’ll all have a good laugh about it!  =)

Ain’t that something though?  Gary said dad was the “trouble-maker” in the family.  His older sisters and his older brother all went to college (unusual in the 1920’s and 30’s) and they all graduated.  One of his sisters was quite famous as a dancer.  His other sister married a fascist General and met Hitler if you can believe that!  His brother graduated from UC Berkeley before WWII and was in Hawaii (probably at Pearl Harbor) when we were attacked on Dec. 7, 1941.  But dad, well, he was just a troubled kid I guess.

Dad carried some of it on into his adult life apparently.  Gary had sent me a clipping some time ago of an article about dad getting into trouble in LA after WWII – flying his airplane too low.  He was always doing crazy stuff it appears.  At least, as I’ve always said, he carried on with that type of thing until around the time that I was born.   I never saw that side of my daddy believe it or not.  He always seemed so straight and disciplined and as I always say he was “Der Kapitan!” to me and my sister.

Gary just wanted to let me know that my own “hell raising” as a youth was something that may really have just been “in my blood” or genetic if you want to look at it that way.  =)  Funny how life is ain’t it?












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