Good is bad

We live in a world where being good is considered bad, and being bad is considered good. Take for instance the recent gay marriage law passed in New York state – how can that be a good thing?  It’s just another attack on the Biblical institution of marriage.

On another note, let’s talk religion.  What about Islam?  Muslims claim it to be a “religion of peace.”  My experience is anything but.  You have to do some research on your own to figure out why, because no self-serving muslim would ever admit to any of this (because they’d be killed for it!):

That’s just mind-blowing stuff!  I always knew Mohammed was a liar, a cheat, a false-prophet, but add murderer, pedophile, terrorist, and absolute despot / dictator to the list!  Yet, we’re told (by our own government!) that we must accept and tolerate these people and treat them just like we would our fellow Christian brothers and sisters.  While individually they may be OK, and I have no doubt there are millions of muslims who want _out_ of that false religion, as a group, I reject them and what they stand for!

Does anybody have anything to say about this?  Anybody?


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