Blogging is a Waste of Time?

Hey all –

It appears we live in a fast-paced, hectic society where few people will even take time to read what another person writes, let alone try to think.  Do I sound negative?  =)  I’m trying to be upbeat about this, because it appears that folks these days have gotten used to “sound bites” and small bits of information thrown at them in a hurried fashion (ala the 30 second news on the radio or the 1/2 hr “news” on the TV).  Most folks won’t even take time to listen to it anymore because it’s just so depressing.   The fact of the matter is that TV news is for the most part distorted and inaccurate anyhow, so why should we bother to listen to them either?

The longer I’m in this world, the more I am like Paul, he says in Philippians: “To live is Christ and to die is gain.”  His meaning should be obvious to any of us who know Jesus, that this world means suffering and persecution, while we try to emulate Christ’s message of raising others above ourselves – the “self-less” or humble existence.  Christ came to serve, not to be served as is so common in our society these days.  The “Entitlement” mentality is pervasive at all levels of society.  You can see it evidenced in Financial executives on Wall St. – “I deserve a $300M bonus this year, look how much money we earned for our clients?”  Or when you get down to the level of folks on the street:  “The government (all of us) owes me a house and 3 square meals a day.”

After living off unemployment again for nearly 2 years, and finally just not having anything under us anymore, I don’t exactly feel “free” but I do have more motivation now to simply get myself out there and try to negotiate small projects with folks.  Let’s face it guys, life is hard.  Death is the ultimate escape to a place where there are no more problems, where we will know “perfectly” (1 Corinthians 13).  I, like Paul, look forward to it and consider it already to be gain, a release from this place of pain and suffering.  And we have it relatively easy here in America – can you imagine if you or I were born in Haiti?  We would have only had about a 50/50 chance of surviving to our 12th birthday, let alone “make it” to some other fictional notion of “success.”  The only definition of “success” I have any longer is following Jesus.

There are so many things we take for granted every single day, my only prayer today is that I do not take any of what I have or am given, or earn for granted.  Blogging may be a waste of time, but I will keep doing it in the hopes that somebody someday will read all I’ve written and be able to find Jesus – the real solution to all our problems.



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