Born That Way?

Really?  Are you serious?  Lady Gaga, and her minions have been pushing and pushing and pushing this song.  The idea behind it (I gather) is that she is gay, or Bohemian, or whatever, and “Born That Way.”  The Gays and Lesbians are making great strides with this song they think (they hope) and their goal is to desensitize all of us to the point where we accept their “theory” that they are “born that way.”

Phooey.  I do not accept it.  I reject it in fact, because it conflicts with Biblical teaching and doctrine.  Being gay is a choice – pure and simple.  They want it to be genetic so they don’t have to be responsible for having made a decision to become gay (or not making a decision to _not_ be gay if you want to look at it that way).  It’s like this book my mother is reading:  My Lead Dog Was a Lesbian.  The only point the author had in writing the book was to push the gay and lesbian agenda – obviously.  If they knew anything at all about dogs, and they don’t, then they would have titled it something different.

That book you see is about a woman who knew nothing (apparently) and decided she’d enter the Iditarod race (a 2,000 mile sled dog race!).  What a moron!  The gall of somebody thinking that even though they know nothing about dogs, nothing about the sport, nothing about ANYTHING that they could enter what’s considered the most dangerous race in the world and what, I bet she thought she was gonna win too!

I get a little irritated by the pride and arrogance in that kind of person.  And they say us Christians are all prideful and arrogant!  Can you imagine though – going out with Huskies and Malamutes, dogs that are pretty much just about the most “wild” dogs there are, they are barely tame even though they’re extremely well trained and conditioned.  Those types of dogs are always humping one another as a dominance thing, it’s what they do.  She saw that (apparently) and thought they were “Lesbians.” Gads!  How dumb can you be?  To try and anthropomorphize dogs is just WRONG!  But then, this gal writes up her stuff, packages it and sells it as a book and it probably became a bestseller!

We live in a sick, sick world people.  All of that is an attempt by the gay and lesbian liberal to undermine our society, to take away our good and decent society and replace it with Bohemianism or some such.  What a crock.  I reject it!  I reject their doctrine!  It’s no doctrine at all!  It’s NOTHING but air!


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