Haitian Reforestation – Part 2

This is not my first “rewrite” of this article, I merely this time wanted to add a link, a tickler to say that I’ve updated my original article on Haitian Reforestation to include a list of resources on the web. I placed the list at the end of the article (seemed appropriate) so if you have anything to add – please send me a link to an article or a web site, or the name of a business or a person who’s doing good work down there and I’ll get it onto my list.

My hope is that this will evolve over time into a catalog of resources for a person to read about, study or simply browse what’s going on in Haiti. The earthquake last year (Jan. 12, 2010) was not the first major challenge the Haitian people have faced in even the recent past. Hurricanes, floods, deforestation, famine, disease, these are all challenges these people have had to deal with, and only now, today, are we (some of us) beginning to realize the scope of the human tragedy taking place down in Haiti.

Still, as an “outsider” or foreigner, or whatever you want to call me, since I don’t have to deal with those issues on a daily basis like a native, that makes my view skewed, or biased (naturally). Us outsiders may see the issues in Haiti as “Black and White” or however you want to put it, I choose, because of my Christian world view to look at it as if there is a tremendous need for God’s love, and the power of Jesus Christ to be manifested among these people for good and for change – real change (not like President Obama’s change). I’ve read recently that the church and other NGO’s are having some success in Haiti, but that it is a slow process.

Anyhow, God bless you all and may you find the list of resources of value!

Earlier Article with Resource Listing


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