Freeloading The American Way

Fox’s John Stossel will be on tomorrow night (3/25) at 10p with a look at Freeloaders in America. I highly recommend that everyone should watch.  Here’s the URL for the article on FoxNews:

The “Entitlement” mindset is not something unique to the United States. I would say that it first started in Europe with the advent of Socialism and it’s spread like a cancer ever since. With the rise of modern capitalism, and subsequent advances in marketing, we see a shift towards entitlement such that the lines between rights, and entitlements are blurred and confused by what I would call “Capitalist Opportunism.”

Entitlements were designed such that the poor would not be disenfranchised by the rich and so that folks who have worked hard their entire lives would not have their retirement darkened by a single health incident or death of the major wage earner in the family.  Unfortunately, as in all things, there are those who through politics and corruption have bastardized the system to suit their own needs.  We live in an age in this country, and indeed other countries as well, where money is able to buy influence and power at all levels of government and make it so that the rich can abuse the system for their own purposes.  Sometimes they get caught.  Sometimes there are revolutions.  Sometimes the abusers go to jail.  Sometimes.

I’m telling you folks that I believe that in reality, things have probably been about the same for the past 2,000 years, since Jesus was here the first time, and they were kinda like that before He came, and human behavior ain’t gonna change much before He comes back.  In the beginning of this country, people tried to make it so that Government couldn’t abuse power.  There was a system of checks and balances put in place so that one hand would watch the other.  I guess it goes without saying that when all the hands in the pot are dirty, then you ain’t gonna come out with anything clean.  Is there such a thing as a “Good” politician?  Are there any “Good” corporations where management really cares about its employees and the welfare of society as a whole?  Does anyone care anything about anything other than profits anymore?  Has greed and corruption got us to where we are today and is society doomed?

Obviously, I have a pretty pessimistic view here, and I think rightly so.  It makes it even more imperative in my opinion to look to the only one who was perfect.  He created this earth and all that is in it for us.  We were created to be first and foremost shepherds, stewards if you will of all the He gave us.  I think we’ve done a miserable job.

I really want to see some comments here, so we have a discussion on this issue.  My opinion is mine.  What’s yours?



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