Farrell’s Fight – SOMEBODY CARES!

I don’t remember now how this popped up on my Facebook wall, but I heard about this young man Farrell who suffered catastrophic injury in Afghanistan and I was greatly moved.

Farrell’s Fight Facebook Page

Every now and then we see a tale of extraordinary strength in the face of adversity. Is it courage? Is it heroism? Or is it simply dogged determination? Actually, I believe it’s probably all three rolled into one. If so, there isn’t a better example of this than Farrell.

I pray his courage and sacrifice are an example to all of us, and that we all commit to pray more for our servicemen and women, both serving and who have served. Let them know that SOMEBODY CARES!



One thought on “Farrell’s Fight – SOMEBODY CARES!

  1. Farrell passed on from this world earlier this month. If I were a Veteran, I could salute him. Instead, I pay solemn tribute with head bowed, grateful acknowledgement that this young man gave all – for me, and for all of us who value freedom.

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