Tsunami Hits West Coast!

Film at 11. Sorry to be so tongue-in-cheek about this, but for us here in SoCal it was mostly a “non-event.” But, that doesn’t mean this disaster was not immediately felt in places such as Japan and a harbor in NoCal suffered pretty substantial damage as well (Crescent City) from what I hear.

I’ve watched videos, and seen enough pictures to know already that this was a significant disaster and triggered an emergency in Japan. Those poor people. We pray for the families of those killed, and the survivors that first and foremost, things can get under control quickly, and that basic services can be restored to them as soon as possible.

We’re talking about disruption of services on a national, or semi-national scale here people, it was likely the largest earthquake ever recorded (to date). Is it another sign from God that the end is near? I would hesitate to speculate on that to be sure. These signs will come, and disasters will happen. But, they’ve been happening since Jesus was taken up to Heaven to be at the Right Hand of The Father In Heaven.

In my Bible Study with the men of my church, we realized something very important however: Not only was it necessary for the State of Israel to exist again prior to Jesus’ return, it also seems necessary that we have the instantaneous communications we have today so that “Everyone will know when He returns” all at the same time!

That’s one of the things we can see from the disasters in the past 100 years or so – that events of major note are broadcast immediately and folks worldwide know about it right away. Another fact is “Tuchman’s Law” where we know that simply publishing (or broadcasting) an event makes it sound 5-10x worse than it actually is. I’m not saying this latest EQ in Japan “sounds” worse than it actually is, it appears to be very devastating by all accounts, and it may just be a precursor to some other even more massive quake. Only time will tell about that.

Lord, if it’s our time, may we be found worthy.


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