Dragon Breath

The Truth Behind the Legend: St George -- the Soldier Who Became a Saint

This is too cool. Cheryl and I went down to the pier yesterday and while we were there, I came up with this brand new theory.  It’s totally silly of course, but also quite probable.  For hundreds, if not thousands of years, men have told legends of “Fire-breathing monsters” and in some cases we call those “Dragons.”  While The Bible does not speak directly of “Dragons” it does speak of “Leviathan” and “Behemoth” and other giant beasts, some of which can only be what we now know as “Dinosaurs.”  The Bible further speaks of those beasts breathing fire, so I, for one, am inclined to believe that somehow or other, fire came out of their mouths, or seemed to somehow.

Since I became a Christian later in life, I grew up with “Evolution” and learned that it was “Fact.”  However, I now know differently, that evolution as it’s taught in schools is neither fact, nor is it even a good theory, but rather a set of theories that depend on some mighty improbable assumptions.  See my earlier blog posting on Evolution for more information on this important topic.  Anyhow, I don’t remember quite what started us thinking on the subject of dragons yesterday. We frequently have these discussions that take on “Free Association” qualities.  Maybe it’s me, or Cheryl, or both of us are a bit ADD, we’re not quite sure.

So, we’re talking and all of a sudden, out of the blue, I realized something quite important.  Fact:  There were once large lizards, what we have come to call “Dinosaurs” running around this planet.  Assumptions are part of this theory so let’s go over those now.  Around 1900, there were still specimens of Komodo Dragon measuring in excess of 20′ length.  Today, you are hard-pressed to come up with a 12′ specimen.  That’s just sort of an aside for this discussion, but I want to use it for argument’s sake to say that Dinosaurs were really just large lizards that kept growing for perhaps hundreds of years (because reptiles will continue growing as long as they live in most cases).  Given the right conditions, that’s not too difficult to imagine.

Anyhow, so we have these large lizards, as large as 80′ or maybe even 100′ in length running around.  My guess would be that meat-eaters, despite being wildly popular with scientists and children, were probably quite rare.  I think my idea came from a discussion we had with our neighbor recently about atmospheric methane more than anywhere else.  You see, we were talking and she (my neighbor) was arguing the “Global Warming” case, and I was pointing out that the theory of Global Warming was out of favor with many NASA and NOAA scientists, and I had personally never subscribed to it.  Instead today, the new theory about the Earth’s Magnetic Field influence on weather (what Farmer’s Almanac has always tracked in terms of “Sun Spots”) is much more plausible.  She argued that the release of methane into the atmosphere was at near record levels due to the Industrial Revolution and subsequent developments such as the automobile and so on.  I proposed that during the age of the Dinosaurs (which is not so long ago in my opinion as most would think, but again, that’s another discussion), that those large lizards had probably produced perhaps 10 times as much methane as our modern herds of cows (and whatever other animals and sources) are capable of producing.

That then, was the stimulus for this theory I think, and becomes the basis for the following assertion.  The assertion states that I may indeed have been correct about Dinosaurs, and since there were so many herbivorous types, that they may indeed have had something like a chambered stomach in a cow, where the raw materials were deposited and digested in a large “Fermentation Vat.”  Whether they had chambered stomachs or not, the fact remains they would have been large producers of methane gas, primarily coming out their mouths like cows as they sat around and digested their vegetable lunches.

So that becomes the first part of the theory.  The second part is similarly based on some assumptions that are a bit different from what modern “Science” assumes.  Modern science of course, as you all should know, assumes there is a separation of “millions and millions of years” between man and dinosaurs, but I, on the other hand, am inclined to believe The Bible on this, where it clearly states that man and “Dinosaurs” (large lizards perhaps?) existed at the same time (see the Book of Job).  Further, I assume that The Flood was an actual event as well, but that’s really only partly relevant for this discussion.  We know that Mastodons and Woolly Mammoths existed during the time of man, and that hunters would go out and actually kill those huge beasts.

My second assumption therefore in this discussion is that following the great flood of Noah’s time, that there were still Dinosaurs roaming the planet, and that men hunted them, either for food or to eliminate large dangerous beasts from in and around their population centers.  So now today, when men hunt large reptiles where do they go?  We go to where the reptiles live in order to catch them when they’re least active.  Men who hunt the giant snakes (the large Pythons) frequently go underground into the lairs of those huge beasts in order to catch them in their least active state (while the critters are digesting presumably).  Those critters are sitting there digesting their last meal, and are caught “napping” and the fellows can wrestle them out of their lairs rather easily, or kill them or whatever.

Men hunting Dinosaurs, or “Dragons” probably acted similarly, at least in some cases, going into underground lairs, or caves, to seek out and destroy those large animals for food, or because they were nuisances or whatever.  So, think about it now, men sought out these huge beasts, in many cases looking for them in tight spaces, in underground dwellings where these giant lizards are laying there digesting their last meal, happily (at least in some cases) producing huge clouds of methane gas as their meal digests in their stomachs.  That methane, remember, like a cow, comes burping out of their mouths quite frequently, at least in my theory it does.  So now, these men, heading underground need a light source, or have a light source with them, which is most likely a torch, right?  Think about it, you catch a sleeping giant lizard underground that’s digesting its last meal, the first thing it does when you wake it up (disturb it) is what, burp?

When that “Dinosaur” burped in their faces, and they had an ignition source close by, what do you think happened?  Right!  You guessed it – FIRE!  Thus, the legend of the “Fire Breathing Dragons” has been explained by a couple of half-brained (though quite plausible) assumptions and perhaps a brand new theory for modern science to ponder.


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