Shooting Of Congress Member Giffords In Tucson

First, let me say how sad Cheryl and I are about that whole tragedy.  We prayed for Congress member Giffords and her family, and for the families of those killed or injured in this senseless violence.  I was appalled to find out that the fellow who perpetrated the attack lived.  Why didn’t somebody kill that fellow?  Why were there no armed security or police at the event?  As in all these types of violent “Terrorist” attacks, we all are partly to blame, but I still cannot understand why nobody picked up a chair, or a tire iron, or something to kaibosh that dude over the head and put him out of our misery!  Gads, what’s wrong with people?

Cheryl said they interviewed one young fellow who admitted he “ran to the other side of the street” and hid like a coward obviously.  I hope I would have reacted better, that’s all I can say.  How can anyone dispute his guilt when there were what, 200-300 witnesses who saw this guy shoot the Congress member in the head?  I would have tried to take him apart with my bare hands, no kidding.  If I’d have had my knife, I would have tried to plug him full of holes.  Gads, that just toasts my grits!  He doesn’t deserve to live, regardless of his standing in terms of whether he’s going to heaven or not.  He’s forgiven, but I cannot condone or excuse his actions.


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