Walk In The Light

I need to describe an incident that happened so you all will understand what it really means to “Walk in the light.”  Jesus, of course, in the Bible tells us to walk in the light (truth) so that we will have nothing false about us, so that there would be no hypocrisy in us.  But we don’t always find it so practical or convenient.

Cheryl and I took a trip recently, and we were in another city where we didn’t know the layout of the town very well, which were the good parts (safe parts) of town and which were unsafe.  It turned out our hotel, right by the airport, but on the wrong side of the airport, was also in the wrong part of town (the unsafe part).  We went out for dinner walking from our hotel, intending to walk the three or so blocks down the road to a restaurant we had seen.  As it turned out, there was a diner right next door to the hotel so we ate there instead, we just love diners!

After dinner though, we decided to walk down to the local Family Dollar, about the same three blocks as before, in fact it was in the same shopping center as the restaurant was located where we originally had intended to eat.  So, we walked down there, down the side of a major road, through a couple smaller parking lots, then through a car dealership, then into the parking lot of the shopping center which was huge.  We walked across the parking lot going to the Family Dollar, didn’t think anything of it.  However, when we got inside the Family Dollar, I began to notice we were in the wrong part of town.  I got especially alarmed when a young fellow wearing a hoodie looked right at me – sizing me up.

I tried to share my intuition with Cheryl as we were leaving the Family Dollar after checking out, letting her know I was a bit wary of this one young “Dude” I had seen.  I didn’t see him leave the Family Dollar, but knew he must have left before us, and was likely waiting there in the parking lot with his buddies.  So, we left and this time kept to the lights under the walkway of the strip mall type shopping center where the Family Dollar was located.   We walked about 100 feet before we saw a car playing rap music very loud drive by us very slowly.  They drove by and kept going however.  Then, a few feet further another car came up behind us very slowly.  Cheryl wanted to go across the parking lot, but I told her “No!  Stay in the light!”

We kept walking down the walkway under the lights of the strip mall so that we were “protected” by the lights of the stores which were mostly closed, but which were keeping us safe.  Right as the second car was passing us (again loud rap music was heard coming from the vehicle) we looked up and saw a security guard walking towards us.  Talk about an Angel when you need one!  The dudes in the car looked us over but then saw the security guard and kept going.  No, we were never sure they were going to rob us, but we were sure that we felt safer in the light, and that God had just confirmed what that really meant for us with a very practical demonstration.


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