Looking Back, and Ahead!

Let me say that 2010 certainly has not been a bell weather year in terms of financial success for Cheryl and I.  It turns out we think that The Lord has other plans for our life.  The year started slowly, then there was the earthquake in Haiti.  I found myself with time, and plenty of spirit to go down and help out with the work in Haiti, so I went on my first “out of the country” mission’s trip.  It was very challenging and exciting, sad and filled with hope, all at the same time.

From there, I came back and decided that I should try very hard to get myself a job in Christian ministry full time.  I first turned to Compassion International when I found they were close by in Colorado Springs.  I applied for 3 different positions, all within the IT sphere, but none of those resulted in even an interview.  I did get to talk with a lady in Human Resources when I went down there one day for a tour.  I gave it my best shot I felt, just nothing happened.  Following what I felt was The Lord’s leading, I applied at another Christian organization – MOPS (Mother’s Of Pre-Schoolers) – right here in Denver.  MOPS is relatively small, only having about 60 folks at their HQ but that didn’t really matter in the turn of events.

With MOPS, I did get an interview, in fact, I had a total of 4 interviews over the course of 3 1/2 months.  The folks there were very encouraging and I thought the process was just fantastic.  However, in the end, they wound up with 3 fully qualified and seasoned candidates (including myself) for a combination Web Developer / IT position.  I was not the one they picked, but as I told them after the process was finished, I sincerely hoped that things worked out well with the candidate they chose.  Cheryl and I prayed a blessing over them and let it go.  That was in September.  A month later, Cheryl lost her job.

So with that, we were faced with a more stark dilemma than we had faced in our lives – one income from unemployment and nothing else.  That pretty much clinched it, over the course of the next couple months, not having enough money to pay the mortgage and barely keeping ahead of other bills, and savings running out, we decided to follow through on another offer and move in with my mother in Los Angeles.  Mom still lives in the house I grew up in.  She’s always said the only way she’s leaving that place is feet first, and she has asked us there to help take care of her.  She’s getting along in age, and is faced with a variety of age disorders, none acute, but some that are progressive and debilitating.

I made her a promise many years ago, that she could stay in that house as long as she wants, and this is our way of fulfilling that promise.  So, all that said, we’re moving to California next month – in the middle of winter!  Here’s to life’s next great adventure!


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