Election Results

I am just sick over the election results here in Colorado.  It appears that Republicans are still apathetic.  I had heard there are far more Republicans in this state than there are Democrats, yet the Democrats won every significant race besides a few U.S. House  races.  The amendments are utterly ridiculous.  We had an amendment to decide if there should be an “alternate” location for the state’s seat of Government in case of disaster, and now we have made it constitutional!

Some years back, Coloradans passed TABOR, Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that was supposed to limit (forever) spending increases and such.  Gov. Ritter and Denver Mayor Hickenlooper got together and convinced folks it was a bad thing, that we would have to cut government programs.  They scared folks into repealing TABOR, so they could spend, spend, spend!  Now, we cannot even agree to limit their spending again!  Amendments 60, 61 and 101 were not very well written, but we have to do something!  I’m so disappointed in the folks in my state.  We left control of the US Senate in the hands of the Democrats who are going to get to continue their reckless spending that’s going to ruin this country for my grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

You know, I’m a bit disappointed about the results in Colorado, but I have to remember that overall – in the country as a whole – the GOP did very nicely in this midterm election, gaining in both the US House and Senate.  One thing I’m very upset about is the fool of a candidate named Dan Maes who was running as the GOP candidate for Governor here in CO.  He got hit with various allegations that he’d falsified or embellished his “history” (resume’) from when he worked as a Police Officer, or something like that.  Ultimately all his support was withdrawn, and he should have just withdrawn from the campaign, giving his votes to Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tancredo is a Republican, but entered the race late, so went in on the American Constitution party ticket and so was a long-shot at best.  But, he won much support near the end of the race, and his chances steadily improved to the point where if Maes had thrown in the towel and gotten behind him, we might not have a Democrat for Governor here again in Colorado.  Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20, eh?


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