Tap Dogs!

Wow!  Cheryl and I “won” tickets in a lottery so we got to go to see Tap Dogs at the Buell Theater last night.  What a show!  Cheryl did a little research prior to the show and so had some idea what to expect, but I was expecting to try not to fall asleep (sorry, that’s what I really felt like though).  I was happy to get to go see a show, any show with my wife, since I’ve been out of work this past year, our entertainment budget has mostly consisted of Netflix movies or dollar show movies (so we get to the big screen every now and then).

Anyhow, the surprising thing about Tap Dogs was it was fresh and new, and modernized for our era.  Now that I’ve at least read the story of how they started, I can see where these “Steel guys” get their ideas.  Combining tap, manly strength, and steel floors, with a bit of pounding percussion music in the background and lights makes for a heart pounding, foot tapping (no kidding!), finger snapping, riotous 80 minute show!  It was exciting!

The Buell was packed – apparently, on opening night they decided to pack the place out, so they gave away all the unsold seats, and there were lots of families with their kids.  Everybody enjoyed it, all ages, everybody stood at the end and gave them an unprecedented three standing ovations.  After the first ovation, they did one more routine, and then after the 2nd, they brought out some local young people who were selected from a competition to be “Tap Pups.”  We stood and applauded and cheered them all.

I will say I missed one thing that has been integrated into some of the modern dance routines I’ve seen on shows like “America’s Got Talent.”  That thing I missed is acrobatics.  I’m not quite sure it would have fit with these macho steel types, but they really aren’t all from that background anymore, so it might be a new direction for them to consider.  Don’t let that spoil the show for you though.  There’s plenty of eye-candy, with the lights, the pyrotechnics (a unique type of pyrotechnics indeed!) and the music, sweat and water.  All combined to make a very unique and pleasing update to an old favorite in show business:  Tapping.  Gregory Hines would be proud!


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