Qur’an Burning – Part 2

Hey – I’m really curious. Does anybody else think this Pastor down in Florida is a “Nut case” for wanting to burn the Qur’an, or was he just doing the same thing those Muslim Imam’s are doing all the time? I think he’s proved that to me, that we can sound just as nutty as they do. Take the latest from Imam Rauf, where he says that “We’ll inflame the radicals now if we move that Mosque.” Just like an evil person to say something like that, turn it upside down and make us sound like we’re the ones who are wrong!

Flame on baby!


4 thoughts on “Qur’an Burning – Part 2

  1. Thanks Pete!

    I appreciate your comment, even if I don’t totally agree with it. As I always say, this is a discussion, not a soapbox. I’ve also made the point previously (in my former post on Qur’an burning) that this is a NAZI technique, reactionary in the extreme, and should not be undertaken in a democratic “free” society. Especially so for Christians!

    I further agree that we should all be tolerant of one another, respectful of different worldviews, even if we don’t agree with those either. I have great respect for Muslims as a people, I know it’s a small percentage who are “Radical” and undertake to use terror to convince the world their faith is greater than ours.

    The place I must draw the line is they should never be allowed to build that Mosque. They are building a “Monument” to their jihadists who used airplanes like missiles to bring down the World Trade Center and strike a terrorist blow at the supposed heart of Western Civilization. Those who are seeking to build that Mosque are actually Radicals disguised as “Emissaries of Peace.” They know what they are doing, and are choosing to force us to remember that it was Muslim “heroes” that conquered that portion of the west. It’s extremely important in some cases to look beyond what people are saying and really figure out what it is they’re doing.

    The Muslim Religion has a long history of conflict, in reality that is due to the fact that Mohamed himself was a warrior. As I stated in my earlier post (Burning The Qur’an), the Qur’an is actually filled with violence, conflict and supports the idea of violent conversion. It’s always stated that the Muslim Religion is a Religion of “Peace” but in actuality, it’s not. It’s an entire worldview that is very narrow, very restrictive, and seeks to destroy anything that is not Muslim.

    Be careful what you tolerate, it may end up owning you.

  2. Freedom of religion should mean we discuss things outside of a religious calculus. If they break the law, that is not the same thing as throwing things in our face. The arguments against allowing them to build a community center is not a legal argument, but an emotional one. We live in a country of laws, not emotions. If you allow emotions to run USA policy, the terrorists have won.

    If you think the Muslim’s are violent, what about Christians? Missionaries went through out the world violently converting the native populations. Non-violence is only recently and sporadically use by Christians.

  3. Emotional – yes. But would it be “right” to allow these folks to build a Mosque in Arlington National Cemetery? Emotional arguments are not “legal” but do they carry weight in other words? Is this ground equally sacred to those of us in the US who see it like Pearl Harbor – a place where American blood was spilled, and people died at the hands of an enemy – and in this case (again) – WITHOUT WARNING (and these folks all non-combatants!)?

    For the rest of the argument (dealing with the “legal” question of whether or not these people can build a mosque on this location), we’ll use quotes from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).

    “It turns out that a public utility, Con Edison, actually owns one-half of the site. We will argue that the mosque developers do not possess the legal right to proceed with demolition or construction. In addition to urging the court to put any demolition/construction on hold, we’ll request that the New York State Public Service Commission, which has regulatory authority of any disposition of land owned by a public utility, conduct a required review detailing the impact of this project.

    “As we learn more about the project, we also learn more about Imam Rauf – the man behind the proposed mosque – a man who touts himself as a bridge builder.

    “Let’s not forget that it was Imam Rauf who told 60 minutes days after the 9-11 attacks that that U.S. was ‘an accessory to the crimes’ that occurred that day. This is the same Imam who has refused to label Hamas a terrorist organization. Hamas, by the way, wasted no time in backing Imam Rauf’s plans for the Ground Zero mosque.

    “This is the same Imam who said ‘that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaeda has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims’ – alleging that US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of Iraqi children. The facts don’t support that allegation. President Clinton clearly stated: ‘If any child is without food or medicine or a roof over his or her head in Iraq, it’s because he [Saddam] is claiming sanctions are doing it and sticking it to his own children.’ And, it’s important to remember that al Qaeda actually targets the innocent – including children – with its acts of terrorism. The comparison is absurd.

    “And where will the $100 million dollars come from to build this mosque? Backers of the project haven’t ruled out taking money from countries like Iran which has been designated a sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. government”

    This doesn’t even speak of the developer that they’ve “hired” to undertake the project. The developer is currently under indictment as a “Slum lord.” He also owes back taxes. So, if we want to look at “legal” arguments, there’s not much of a leg to stand on there for the Muslims who back this mosque either. Then, there are questions as to how their hearings were heard in such an extraordinarily speedy fashion by the NY City Historical (or was it planning?) Commission. The Commission met and passed their plans (did not grant historical status to this building) with barely a comment.

    Then again, Imam Rauf has been repeatedly quoted (in English) as saying he had no idea the conflict he would cause with the choice of this location. In Arabic, he’s been quoted as knowing this was the ideal site to cause conflict! That’s what I mean, you have to dig a bit deeper and understand the people you’re dealing with. I rely on watchdog organizations (such as ACLJ) to preserve my freedoms, and watch over my liberty. I don’t “give it away” freely to people just because they say they are my friend and want nothing but peace. I check them out.

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