Burning The Qur’an

Update 20100908 – Sent a “contact” to Dove World Outreach Center letting them know their path does not seem to line up with Biblical revelation on how we should treat one another.


What do you think?  Is it OK to burn copies of Islam’s supposed “Holy book?”  I say supposed because I do not believe in Islam, nor any of their teachings.  The Qur’an is filled with stories of violence, murder and teaches violent conversion.  They say it is a “Religion of peace” but my experience is it’s anything but.  Even still, do you think that carrying out NAZI style tactics (burning copies of another religion’s books) is an appropriate response to violence?  Is it a valid protest?

My answer is definitely not.   Jesus taught us to love one another.  Burning somebody else’s “Holy” book whether or not you believe it’s holy is not right.  It’s a stunt, a political stunt, one with potentially far reaching ramifications.  I would caution those at Pastor Terry Jones’ church (The Dove World Outreach Center) not to do this.


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