Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness that Our Lord is merciful and forgiving. I am not. Jesus would forgive those Taliban who murdered unarmed doctors in Afghanistan, I would not. Jesus has already forgiven them, I won’t be able to do that until I am kneeling at Jesus’ feet in heaven. I was so upset yesterday when I wrote a post about those men and what they did that I was again, blaming all Muslims. The Muslim faith is based upon a lie, and that’s the issue – the people are not to be lumped into some category where they are all bad – of course they are not.

I, personally, have met folks who are converted Muslims. Once they learn about Jesus, who He is, and what He means, they are struck with the truth, just as much as I was. If my post offended anyone, then I am truly sorry. The Bible says to take the Gospel to every tribe, every nation. My greatest admiration and respect is for those who died for their faith. The murdered doctors and team were being the hands and feet of Jesus. They shared Jesus’ love with those in far flung parts of Afghanistan regardless of whether they used words. That’s what I admire. That’s why I said that if someday I am confronted by a violent extremist who holds a gun to my head and demands that I renounce my faith, then I hope I can keep my faith and not deny my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God, you are in control here. You sent your son Jesus to die in my place, and to win the victory over Satan, death and the power of sin in my life. And yet, I blow it each and every day. I admit I am a sinner still, saved by your grace. I offer my life to You, such as it is, for Your glory and for You to use as You see fit. Give me strength to always be a witness for your Name. In Your name Jesus, amen.


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