Taliban Killing Unarmed Doctors

My 100th post on my blog. I had hoped to write about something upbeat or at least more on a positive note. Instead, we hear about Taliban murdering unarmed doctors. These civilians were executed for carrying Bibles in Afghanistan. Does anybody have any doubt in their mind still that those who follow the qur’an and Muhammed are violent extremists who will never stop until they kill all the infidels or are killed themselves?

The Bible says it’s not right to kill. We should be peaceful. I’m not sure I could look one of those fellows in the eye and not want to kill him. If he was holding a gun to my head and asking me to renounce my faith in Jesus (that’s what they do, the driver for those doctors who was killed was not killed because he recited passages form the qur’an) then I hope I’d have the presence of mind to tell them politely to go to Hell.

Those Taliban are absolutely the lowest form of humanity on this planet. They are thugs. They are not civilized. They are murderous thieves, and they need to be exterminated – wiped out – end of story. What they’ve done by murdering civilian doctors – whose only goal is to help people – is to seal their own fate, much as the Japanese did when they bombed Pearl Harbor. The sleeping giant is AWAKE!


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