OK, so voting is a drag. You get to vote for a bad or a worse candidate sometimes. It seems like Washington doesn’t care anymore, and they certainly aren’t in touch with reality. All of the Senators in office are millionaires, so how can they possibly give a rat’s rear end about those of us on the bottom side of this recession?

I’m not going to rattle off a big rant here, what I want to do is to remind us that there is still an answer today that’s as good as it was 2,000 years ago: Jesus. Jesus is the answer, because He always provides, He always cares. He can give us what we need, not maybe what we want, but we’ll always have our daily bread and clothing to wear if we trust in and follow Him. No, He doesn’t do it for us, but He does line things up so that they happen and we have those basic needs met.

People always forget that this life is as much spiritual as it is emotional and physical. Perhaps it’s even more spiritual. Folks think that just because they cannot see the spiritual side of life that it doesn’t matter. That’s where Hedonism comes from, a complete disavowal of anything spiritual and a turning to pure physical and emotional pleasures. I would class many types of “isms” in our modern society as Hedonism, including those who try to “get ahead” or get to the top of the heap. Especially those at the top who do everything they can to stay ahead and at the top, and to keep others down.

I’ve said before how criminal are some business practices in this country. There used to be a couple rules in business: “Treat your employees like gold and pay them like dirt, or pay them like gold and treat them like dirt.” But, those don’t seem to apply any longer. These days, business wants to pay them like dirt and treat them like dirt. I could rattle off numerous examples of this philosophy, but I won’t because I don’t want to waste space. We’ve all seen the declining salaries for folks since 9/11, and we know how many of us are out of work. Most have little hope of ever making it back into the workplace doing what they were doing previously.

So, if life is a spiritual battle, then how does this all apply, and why should I vote?

My answer to the $64 question is that our leaders can determine a lot about the attitude of our elected officials. There is a “trickle down” effect that is worth fighting for in other words. Take my own reasoning on this for example. I am a Jesus Freak. I follow Jesus – period. That means, that by definition, I believe the Bible, and consider it to be the “truth” and irrefutable. Thus, I follow what it says to do. It says we shall not kill, and especially, we should not sacrifice our babies. Now, I grant you that before I became a Christian, I had a girlfriend who had an abortion, but now I know that what we did was wrong. What I did was tantamount to murder, and I’ve asked The Lord’s forgiveness on that account.

But today, because I know abortion is wrong, and abortion, or “Choice” is one of the pillars of the Democratic party, then I can never vote for a Democratic candidate in any election. That’s what I mean when I say that sometimes there are bad candidates (Republicans who aren’t very qualified) and worse (Democrats). I can never vote for the worse candidates no matter what. I will never again consciously vote for a person who advocates sacrificing babies on the altar of “Choice.” And, I will always get out and vote, at least for the candidates who aren’t Democrats. Don’t get me wrong on that score either though, I voted for Ross Perot twice. I considered him to be the best candidate who ever ran for President in my lifetime. He just wasn’t a politician and couldn’t play the dirty game like the rest of them.

By the way, those who voted for President Obama because they wanted and now expect change, how’s this for a statistic: There were 22 bank failures last month – that’s the most for any single month in the past 10 years (it ties last July, when there were also 22 bank failures)! How’s that for “Change?” You and your Democrat liberal cronies can keep that kind of change Mr. President!


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