What To Wear?

Heard this story on K-LOVE:

A man walks into a church in rugged cowboy clothing, old and worn down with age. His boots are old and scuffed, his hat is torn and dirty. His pants have mends and patches, his shirt is missing a button. He walks in and sits down in the back, and people seem to visibly shudder when they look at him. After the service, the Pastor thanks the man for coming and then asks him whether he might have some “more appropriate” attire at home to wear in church. He tells the man to pray about it before coming to church the next Sunday.

The following Sunday, the man shows up at church in the same battered and weather-beaten clothing. He is shunned by the church-goers as before and he sits alone in the back. The Pastor again speaks with him after church, and asks the man: “I thought you were going to pray before you came back?” The man stares at the floor and says: “I did pray and ask Jesus what I should wear to your church.” The Pastor, waits, and then asks, “Well, what did He say?” The old cowboy replies “He said ‘I don’t know – I’ve never been there.'”


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