Grandstander In Chief

President Obama was in Ohio today touting the “success” of all the roads projects that have been done under the auspices of the “Stimulus.” Personally, I doubt there has been much success from those roads projects. Here in CO, our Governor raised the vehicle licensing fees to pay for the “stimulus” and then said we would get money from the Federal Government to compensate us for those increases. So, where’s that money? The reason he was able to pass that law in the first place was because he and Mayor Hickenlooper (running for Senator now) got together and campaigned to repeal TABOR (Taxpayers Bill Of Rights). People were duped into thinking they were going to get something “good” out of that. Yeah, more taxes.

So, the President is grandstanding in Ohio about all these “jobs” and I say those jobs have done little or nothing for our economy. Companies are still laying off in other business sectors. Heck, hospitals are still laying folks off here in Denver. Capital has dried up in Biotech, that means there’s little capital for any other sector, because Biotech is one of the “big” markets, nearly as broadly followed as Technology. So, have we had new jobs created in technology? Are we maintaining our position as leaders in the world’s technology markets? Well, Apple did pass Microsoft earlier this year, and that means that we’re maintaining some sense of our lead. But, where are all those jobs? The manufacturing jobs are in China, and allegations surfaced a month or so ago that the assembly plants Apple is using are just one step up from slave labor.

Are there many folks in this country involved in Apple’s manufacturing? Some. Many companies are still here in the US, and we maintain our lead, sort of. Apple only maintains their dominance in that market based on a feature for which they’ve been denigrated in the past: Closed architecture. That means only Apple can write O/S components, and only Apple can manufacture the boards inside those devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs and such. They were ridiculed in the past because they could never gain market share against IBM compatibles since nobody could create new add-on hardware or O/S pieces (drivers for those hardware devices) since Apple kept the architecture locked up tight.

Does that relate to today? Well, Apple’s success these days shows that is no longer relevant. They’ve created the “consumer device” market, and have allowed developers to create apps based solely on an API, the hardware and architecture are no longer relevant (in a relative sense). That means that anybody, anywhere can write apps for the iPhone / iPod / iPad market, no longer are developers linked directly to Apple. It’s paradise for Apple, they make revenue in a “forever” stream for free, they don’t even need to write the applications that are making money. Steve Jobs is a genius! But, does that benefit the US and jobs here in the good old US of A? Nope – hardly at all.

Anyhow, that is a long ways to go around to say that we have not “stimulated” many jobs here in America. Nearly 80 years ago when FDR brought out the “New Deal” the idea was to put people to work. If you give a man a job, give him something useful to do, then he feels better about himself and things will naturally get better as a result. It worked back then, because we were still mainly an agricultural society and things hadn’t gotten to the point where over 1/2 our population lived in cities. These days, much more than 1/2 our population lives in cities, big, dirty, overcrowded cities, and giving those people jobs doesn’t mean as much as it did then, because we live in this postmodern world where advertising and media tout how all around us is “New and improved!” Just having a job doesn’t mean as much anymore. People either want more money for less work (that’s the equivalent of new and improved, or the “Entitlement” mentality, whichever you choose) or they want to just “get by.” There are some who work very hard, and in fact, as I pointed out in an earlier blog article, they are overworked easily by their management and induced to sacrifice their health and such for the sake of “the job.”

At my last place of employment, I worked with a young engineer who was on a plethora of medications for conditions ranging from high blood pressure to ulcers. I ask you – what is healthy? What is wise? What is wisdom? Ah, there you have something, the Bible says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” That means that we should “Seek first, His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto us.” What we really need is to have a meaningful job, that makes a difference in the lives of those in our “Community.”

Hmmm… I was talking about our President and his tendency to grandstand wasn’t I? Well, let’s see. We really don’t have any “net” jobs as a result of his “spending money we don’t have” on new roads projects. Not that I think those projects should not be done, it’s just that we really cannot afford it. FDR style jobs programs simply don’t work these days. President Obama’s also been grandstanding in the Gulf oil disaster. He’s been _personally_ dealing with BP, and the BP executives. Nobody ever believed that a president should deal with the company directly, at least I don’t believe he should be doing that. He should have listened to Sarah Palin and appointed a team of experts to deal with them. That would have gone a lot further towards solving the issue than we have so far. I think his delays and then his grandstanding are further efforts to push his administration’s agenda which is clearly against oil and drilling in any shape or form. His administration is going to keep us dependent on foreign oil imports and that is going to bankrupt this country.

President Obama is also now planning to file a suit against Arizona for their Immigration law. As I heard, when the law came out it said they could stop anybody anytime and ask for papers. Well, that’s NAZI tactics, clearly, so they amended the law immediately and made it so that the police could only seek papers on people who were already pulled over for highway violations and other crimes and so on. They had to already have done something wrong in other words, the thinking being that this will prevent profiling and such. What’s wrong with that? I ask you – should we not have the ability to deport all criminals who are not legally residing in this country? We support Gov. Brewer in this fight and believe the “Grandstander In Chief” and his group of Socialist Ultra-Liberals are firmly wrong in filing a lawsuit against the State of Arizona. If the Federal Government refuses to protect our borders, then it falls on the State to protect itself. Period. End of story.

The fact that President Obama made his announcement about the lawsuit in a foreign country, and that he refused to meet with Governor Brewer means he has his own agenda. No doubt about that. I gave the President a D- for a grade for his first year in office, because in spite of the claims that they accomplished more than any other president before him, all they did was “un-do” all the good things that President Bush had accomplished before him. That was relatively easy seeing how unpopular President Bush was on the way out of office. History will judge President Bush more kindly though, I am sure of it. History will judge President Obama to be “Grandstander In Chief” and I give him an F for his recent performance.


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