Why Relaxing Is Hard Work

Found a great article on the WSJ:


I wrote Melinda a reply to her article:


Great work Melinda!

I agree completely. I would also add (because I’ve been out of work over a year, and have had plenty of time to analyze things) that modern corporate America encourages the “overachievers” (workaholics) playing off their fears and insecurities to squeeze extra productivity out of them. They lay off folks like me, older ones, anybody perceived to be less productive because they think that it’s better for them to work the be-jeepers out of those young ones. Try being a 50 year old Software Engineer – it just doesn’t work any longer. I freely admit I cannot keep up with those young guys when it comes to picking up new things, new languages, new toys, but I argue that my experience and longevity gives me “perspective” and an ability to design better than they can. Management doesn’t buy that anymore unfortunately. Having perspective is something that’s reserved _exclusively_ for management. And management is where you have the bulk of the “frenetic” ones, those who climb and claw all over one another to get to the top of the perceived “heap.” For what? More money? Are you kidding me? What in the heck did money ever have to do with happiness? Yet, that’s what our whole society tells them is important.

Not one of those people, the workaholics or the frenetic management types are going to die and get to heaven and wish they’d had another day on the job. =) There are things far more important in life. Why not try volunteering? Why not find a way to give back to the community? It’s the quickest way to forget about yourself and your own miniscule problems.

So, there you go.

Thanks for listening.


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