Kelly Marsh (aka Thomas Gregory Murray or Greg Murray) of Trumpet Praise Is A Crook

Update 2011-05-03

Somebody else out there might be interested in this.  I have received two “comments” on this posting from people other than those who have been ripped off by Greg Murray or Kelly Marsh, or whatever his name is.  The first I received was back in December (2010) from a fellow named (get this) Danny Boone.  He claimed to have worked for Greg / Kelly and attended his funeral.  Was that before or after the “miracle” resurrection and his concert last year in Brunswick, GA?  I also wonder if the comment from his cousin’s wife doesn’t come to bear on that as well?

Then just today, I received a comment from somebody claiming to “stick up” for Greg.  That fellow’s name is:  Kevin Fisher.  He claims to have bought many items from Greg / Kelly on eBay and always was “Very satisfied.”  I won’t dignify that with a response.  Read the comments people.  My only hope is still, someday, this blog may see this guy get justice – just like Osama Bin Laden, you can run, but you cannot hide forever.  Sooner or later, the law will catch up to you Kelly, or Greg, or whatever name you’re using these days.

I found a web site:

Does anybody know if that’s the guy we’re looking for?  His picture is displayed prominently on the Bio page.

Oh, and btw, I looked up (using whois) the IP addresses from where both of those purportedly honest comments about Greg came from, one was from Yadkinville, NC, and the other was from Herndon, VA.  Any surprise those both are within the general area where “Greg” lives?

Update 2010-06-16

Found this posting on Facebook, apparently “Greg” had a different name when he was with the Blue Devils (Greg Racke):

I’ve found a few other references to this fellow having played at various churches and celebrations in the east.


Hello all!

I just had to stop today and write an article for anybody who does a search on this fellow to let them know this guy is a crook. I “bought” a laptop computer from him in March, 2009 for which I sent him cash (in the form of money orders) in the amount of $1,750. I never received my computer.

Kelly Marsh, aka Kelly V. Marsh aka Thomas Gregory Murray aka “Greg Murray” aka Greg Racke (a name he used when he marched with the Blue Devils in Georgia) of Charlotte North Carolina (or possibly Richmond, VA) is a crook. He is a scammer. He ripped me off on eBay. He has apparently ripped many folks off. You can find a large discussion on this fellow on

Kelly V. Marsh (Greg Murray) of:

7910 Woodsedge Dr, Apt 301
Charlotte, NC 28216-1896

is a crook. That address was valid when I sent him money for the item I “purchased” from him on eBay.

I tried to file charges with the Charlotte PD, I cannot even get anyone there to listen to me. I filed a complaint with the Internet Fraud folks in March of 2010. I filed a complaint with eBay as well, and they laughed at me and said “It’s been over 6 weeks, we can’t do anything.”

I’m at a complete loss as to where to go or whom to go to in order to get this guy prosecuted.

My Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) complaint:


Update 2010-06-15

Letter sent (2010-06-03) to Detective Perez, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department:

Detective Perez –

I just phoned your number below, left a message. I have been doing somewhat of my own investigation on this fellow who scammed me on eBay. I have since found out his story is 100% fabrication, lies, scam, con job. The fellow’s name that I dealt with is Kelly Marsh, or Kelly V. Marsh. I have since found out he is the same person (we think) as Thomas Gregory Murray, or Greg Murray. He operates a “ministry” called Trumpet Praise Ministries or tpministries (that was his eBay userid when I “bought” a computer from him). He may also have several other aliases. Please check out the following forums on

There are postings from numerous folks like me who have been scammed by this guy. He’s faked his own death apparently! He has sold cars that he didn’t own (hopefully not all what’s in that forum is bunk anyhow). An awful lot of people are after that guy. There is another address listed for that guy, in Yadkin County, and I believe that it is current:


That comes directly from tax records:

The forum articles said that “Kelly” or “Greg” or whatever his real name is, has been convicted of selling cars with no title, and that he’s on probation there in Yadkin County. I just talked with a Probation Officer in that county and he was unable to confirm that. Apparently the stories around this guy are as thick as his own lies, it’s difficult to know where truth separates from the crud. I do know that I was scammed. That I know with 100% certainty, and I sent the money for my computer purchase on eBay to the address in Charlotte:

7910 Woodsedge Dr, Apt 301
Charlotte, NC 28216-1896

There’s an address very similar to that shown in one of those postings on, some poor foreigner (Japanese?) who bought a trumpet from this dude, never got it either. Again, I won’t try to combine my case with anyone else’s, that may be up to your DA, if we can find enough folks to get complaints against this guy, perhaps we can put him in jail so he doesn’t scam anybody else – that’s all I really care about. I know I’ll never see either the computer I “bought” or my money. Losing $1750 hurts, especially since I have not worked in over a year now, but we’ll survive, and I won’t be out of work much longer I don’t think.

I would like to file formal charges against this guy. It’s going to be tricky because he uses aliases. I think we’ll have to prove that Kelly Marsh and Greg Murray are the same person. The other name he uses might be Mark Aldridge (Reverend Mark Aldridge) according to the forum articles). Greg Murray was born in 1964 according to the forum postings.

I’ve filed a case with IC3. That case number is:


The Tax Records for Yadkin County show this guy Greg Murray still owns a piece of property there:

I don’t know if that’s any help or not.

I hope all (some) of this is helpful, I know it’s a lot to wade thru, that’s why I’ve been doing the legwork the last couple weeks, since I found out I’ve been scammed. I actually didn’t know it until I found that forum series of postings on Now I’m SURE! I appreciate any help you can give me, all of us who’ve been conned by this fellow will appreciate getting him behind bars.

Let’s get him!

Thanks so much for your help.



36 thoughts on “Kelly Marsh (aka Thomas Gregory Murray or Greg Murray) of Trumpet Praise Is A Crook

  1. I wish I had this info about Greg Murray a couple of months ago. Greg is my husbands cousin and In our 18 years of marriage I have only met Greg 2 times.

    I am caregiver to a 5 year old boy that has a rare disease and is 100% blind and has been given 12 to 24 months to live as there is no cure for the disease. Grem heard about the little boy through a cousin and wanted to come to our town and do a concert for him.

    Greg asked me to put up flyers and contact churches etc. He was willing to donate 100% of the proceeds to the little boys family. He said that for every $20.00 dollars donated he would give two free cd’s and he would donate all the money to the family.

    The night the concert took place and all was said and done Greg went to his hotel. I asked my husband did Greg leave him the check as he said he was going to do. He replied no. A couple of days later Greg popped up on my facebook chat and said he mailed all the money out of the container back to his secretary to be counted because he was on the road for his next concert.
    I found it a little fishy that someone would say they put “money” in a envelope and mailed it back home to there secretary. Someone could easily still it.
    Well the concert was February 12, 2011 and to this date March 31,2011 the family still has not received the money. Greg replied his secretary was in the hospital and she had not had a chance to count the money.

    Greg ‘s new name is cross4crownministries. Make sure you put no s on crown when looking it up. This website was made a few weeks before the concert and it states that it is still under construction. I belive that is a part of his fraud. His name on Facebbok that he is using is Pepper Murray.
    I am so aggravated that he took advantage of this family and I hope he is stopped for good.

  2. This clown Greg Murray, Kelly Marsh, Greg Racke attempted to purchase a very expensive trumpet worth a couple thousand dollars on ebay from me. I am sure his plan was to pay with bogus check but I found this site b4 taking payment and sending trumpet– thank God! I hope this info helps someone trying to build a case against him. Good luck Detective Perez-go get this slime bucket! He purchased under the name Craig Woodstock user id craigwoodstock and current email address of
    City: Statesville
    State: NC
    Country: United States
    Phone: (704) 657-9320
    1036 Pine Ridge Dr
    hamptonville, NC 27020-7674

      • I am a lawyer in NC who represented a community bank which was defrauded by Thomas Greg Murray to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. In short, Mr. Murray borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from my client; and to secure the loans, he pledged as collateral various vehicles. However, he didn’t own those vehicles. He falsified sales orders, invoices, etc. Everything he submitted to the bank was a lie. As it turned out, my client was not the only bank that Mr. Murray defrauded. In all, Mr. Murray scammed various banks in the NC area of a total of well north of $1 million. In my opinion, Mr. Murray is a classic con-man who is absolutely incapable of telling the truth. My client informed the FBI of Mr. Murray’s activities. At one time, I spoke with an FBI agent in Greensboro, NC. This agent had an active file on Mr. Murray. I cannot recall the special agent’s name, but he had a good deal of information on Mr. Murray. This was a few years ago. The feds never did anything, for reasons I cannot understand. I attempted to have local law enforcement prosecute Mr. Murray, but I don’t believe anything ever came of it. The information in this post is accurate. Mr. Murray lives (or at least lived a couple of years ago) in Hamptonville, NC in Yadkin County, NC. He is married to Bobbie Jo Murray. If you have the ear of the authorities who will actually do something to stop Mr. Murray, please pass along my contact information. I would be more than happy to share with law enforcement what I know about Mr. Murray.

  3. Hi
    I stumbled across this and wanted to comment. I have bought several items from this guy in question and I’ve always had great results. The items have been as described. I’ve always sent the money and he has always sent the item. I made some phone calls from others that have bought from him before I made my decision and they gave him great reviews. I have to say as well, that my experience with him has been a positive one and I would buy from him again. I know everyone on this blog has been giving negative comments but the good needs to brought up as well.


    • I don’t understand how you can bring up good deeds from this guy when he has ripped off people. He owes me $3000 and you want me to consider his good deeds? Really, that doesnt make sense.

      • I was looking at some of the “Comments” I’ve received over the years the other day, and realized, I don’t have the “Right” not to publish them. Whether they are real, or fake, or from a real person or not, I created this as a “Public” blog, to invite public comments, and it’s not up to me to decide what is right or not. Each of us, ultimately, must make our own judgements on this fellow.

        Someone supposedly named “Kelly Marsh” called me last year, very upset that I had created a place where folks basically “Bad mouthed” him and told “Stories”. I assured him that what happened to me is true, and therefore I have a “Right” to write about it, esp. since the “Law” apparently has never done anything about this supposed person. He threatened me, called me names, and used every tactic possible short of actually showing up at my doorstep to try to get me to “Unpublish” this article. I refused to acquiesce on the grounds I had no idea who I was really talking to, and also the fact that no matter what, I still have free speech rights.

      • The comment above from someone _supposedly_ named Kevin Fisher, came in awhile back (it’s dated 2011). At the time, I regarded it as “Bogus” so didn’t bother publishing. However, on reflection, as I said above, I really have no right to not publish things that come in, since it’s my blog, but was created as a _public_ forum. Obed questioned it as soon as I put it up (three days ago) and I replied yesterday. Those are the only “Recent” comments.

  4. To all who may read this, it was posted “anonymously” as a comment on this blog entry. I have not verified any of it so I am not sure what “charges” Mr. Murray plead guilty to, or how this affects my case or anybody else’s. But here it is…

    This is from May 2010 from a detective investigating Mr. Murray:

    Mr. Murray appeared in court and plead guilty to all charges. He was sentenced to probation and pay any restitution. As for the other investigations, it is my understanding that the Yadkin County Sheriffs Office chose not to pursue any investigation, but I do not know why.

    Victims in those cases will have to press the issue to re-open their cases, otherwise, nothing will be done.

    His Contact:
    CPT Patrick L. Long
    Assistant Chief of Police
    Yadkinville Police Department
    PO Box 816 – 209 East Hemlock St
    Yadkinville, NC 27055

  5. Unbelievable Scott,
    We actually did an event with him in Warner Robbins Georgia this past weekend (Oct. 1st). He performed five songs two singing (Lip Syncing using Ivan Parker and Guy Penrod recordings) and three pantomimeing Trumpet playing using some of Phil Driscoll’s original recordings. He also closed the part of his performance with an arrangement of Nessun Dorma which I cannot seem to attribute to anybody but he faked that one to and the crowd gave him a standing ovation which was incredible.

    It was so surreal to actually realize what was happening. We are still talking about it.
    Hopefully this information will get into the right hands to call this guy on the carpet.

    • My only hope is that someday it all catches up with him, not for vengeance sake, but so that he can turn his life around somehow. This list of folks he’s defrauded, cheated, conned just keeps growing…

    • It is possible that he used Frank Kaderabek’s recording of Nessun Dorma. Do you remember what the backround music was?

  6. We have recently sold a Puji trumpet to this guy. His name he was using at the time was Thomas Murray and he was using his cross4crown ministries as a ploy. We did not send him the trumpet. Instead, my husband met him in Goldsaboro, NC and when they met, he told my husband he was $40.00 shy of what he knew my husband wanted for the trumpet. My husband accepted a $40.00 check written out to our son who is attending college. The check was from cross4crown ministries with a PO Box from Statesville, NC. The check came back as insufficient funds. We have tried every way to reach him, but of course, the info he gave was bogus. My husband says it was a cheap lesson. We could have been taken for the full amount. This just happened at the end of August and my husband is certain that that is the guy on trumpetofpraise.

    • Cheap lesson indeed. I looked at the guy’s photos from S. Africa last year and wondered if I helped fund his trip? Probably so. At least if it were a legitimate ministry I could probably get a write-off, right? *grin*

  7. I know Greg Murray and the pics on the trumpetofpraise website do not look like him. I grew up with him in Georgia and was friends with him on Facebook, but he hasn’t been on there in quite some time. Greg did a concert at Epworth By The Sea on St.Simons, GA a few years ago, you can probably find pics of him if you google it. I do remember him also doing a fundraiser for a little boy in Georgia awhile back too. I want to say the little boy’s name was Dalton.

    • I don’t know, I’m still not convinced. I compared a picture that I just found at an online news site:

      That is Greg Murray, now go back and compare that against “Reverend Randall” and his Trumpet of Praise pictures:

      They look pretty similar to me, but you may be right, it might not be the same person. You gotta realize, this guy impersonated some other person to me, somebody who doesn’t even exist (Kelly Marsh) and then pretended to be _Kelly’s_ wife and tried to convince me he had suffered some sort of heart attack and was in hospital, and that the wife had been in a terrible car wreck, and all kinds of stuff that were just stories and fabrications, one after another after another.

      What I’m trying to do with this posting (which receives usually nearly 1,000 hits/month) is to warn folks about this guy, to try and pin him down, to wreck his future, to hold him accountable, a person who masquerades as a “Christian” and deceives people, good people, and who is generally a bad person. He only ripped me off for $1,750 which is pretty meaningless in the scheme of things. But, as you’ve read, he may have defrauded many folks at this point, and the total for all his schemes and damages may be well into the 7 figures by now.

      Some day, you will reap what you sew. It’s just a shame that so many innocent people have to suffer for one idiot out there. But then, that’s why we have laws to begin with, a few idiots spoil everything for those of us who are law-abiding citizens.

      • The first link is definitely him … The second link is not … I know this guy — I know where he is living … If anyone needs to know information on him I would be more than happy to help you….

  8. This is really sad. I know Greg also and grew up with him in Georgia. I was in contact with him concerning the concert in Warner Robins, He asked me to distribute posters to my church and maybe around the community. The first concert didn’t go but the second one did (Oct 1st, 2011), I have never listened to much Christian music so I didn’t know the difference at the concert but apparently other people did and were verbally concerned. Shortly after that concert, he sent an e-mail message to me that said he was dying of cancer and was going to move to Austrailia, to die. Apparently, that was a scam also. I’m really sad to read this blog, and am extremely sad to here that a childhood friend turned out to be a scam artist. I agree with Carolina Girl, the first link is Greg, the second one is not but still, if all of this is true, it really makes me sad.

  9. Recent comment from:


    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Sound like the same guy that ripped me off of 3,300 when I purchased some trumpets from him. Saddest thing that ever happened to me., I have over 100 emails regarding the failed transactions with some named Jeff Morrow that sounds like him.

    Sorry, it wasn’t posted to this thread, so I cut-n-pasted it here. =)

  10. OMG…I was trying to find a childhood friend, Bobbie Jo Morrow, who has a brother named Jeff Morrow and I came across this?!? What the hell happened? She was a varsity cheerleader and the IT girl at Statesville Sr. High School in 1971 and went on to become Miss Statesville and was a semi-finalist in the Miss NC Pageant, 1972. She actually won Miss Congeniality. I know she’s been married about 4 or 5 times, maybe that many times being disappointed caused something to snap….but to be married to a con-man like this? Jimminy Cricket! (By the way, Jeff Morrow has a facebook page :

    Keep googling and you’ll find out the nightmare that is Gregory Thomas Murray. His entire existance seems to be lying, scheming and conning people out of their goods/money. I hope they catch the b___ard!

    • Wow! That’s some story too. Mr. Murray is indeed a slime ball, that’s why I started this blog page. I’ve had quite a number of responses. He only took my wife and I for $1750 for a MacBook Pro Computer he never delivered (probably never had but sold anyhow on Ebay). I tried to file a case with the Charlotte PD, never heard back from them. An entire life of con. I just cannot even imagine. It’s just so pathetic that it’s sad. Lord – you can help this man, we sure can’t!

  11. Listen, J.F., you might get to him through Jeff Morrow on that Facebook link I posted. I don’t know, just seems like he keeps getting by with ripping people off. I read on another link that he stole another trumpet player’s cd, copied it and put it on his own cd with his name on it!!! I’m so danged sad that pretty little Bobbie Jo is married to him. From what I can tell so far, is that he lives in Yadkinville, NC.

    From what I gather, he goes by these names when he’s dealing a scam: Greg Murray, Michael Drury, Kyle Marsh, Kelly Marsh, Thomas G Murray, Tommy Murray, Mark Aldridge, and can you believe this….his own brother-in-law, Jeff Morrow!

    Also, Bobbie Jo used to be married to a “Chavis” and has a son named “Jodie” or “Jody” Chavis that sometimes goes by “Jody Murray”. People should also be cautious about that name as well.

    Just click this link and read how this guy was scammed:!topic/alt.usenet.kooks/sRU0YaPHHqQ

    BY THE WAY: If I EVER come across him, I’ll be sure to let you know!

    • My story is very much the same. Got ripped off by this guy callin himself Jeff Morrow. Called all authorities to try to initiate an investigation. Went as high as FBI because “Jeff” claimed to be a federal agent. Lost $3000. Guess that amount doesn’t impress the authorities.
      My trumpet hobby came to a grinding halt. Amazing that nothing seems to be able to get done about this guy. I have over a hundred emails.. Still can get anyone to do anything. Oh and add to those fake names the following. Jeff morrow, Linda morrow, Tommie and Linda cross, Robert Clark.

  12. He is a crook! I wish I could forget how he scammed me out of $3000. He should be behind bars! I’m amazed that he has gotten away with ll of this!!!

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