Wow! Spring is HERE!

Well, Spring semi-officially arrived yesterday with the advent of the “Thunderstorm” season. We had a pretty good storm move through yesterday, and last night, and then again today we had a DOOZY! The one today (just 1/2 hr ago) spawned tornado warnings and the sirens went off and everything. We had a bunch of small hail (pea sized) about an inch deep around the yard and on the street. People were driving down the street like nothing happened (FOOLS!).

My trees haven’t quite finished budding out yet (thankfully) for the most part so they didn’t get shredded too badly (except the weeping cherry which all the buds flowered about 2 weeks ago). Oh well, I haven’t surveyed the rest of the damage to the garden yet, hopefully it’s not too bad. Apparently, we’re on a storm track today, they’re expecting more storms to follow that one, and the tornado and severe thunderstorm warning is extended through 8p tonight. The temperature really dropped – it was near 65f degrees before the storm, and now it’s around 40f degrees!

Hey, something very interesting happened the other night. The last article I wrote was about Lakewood Aquatic Club, and how I was longing to be part of a “Team” again. Cheryl figured out why that suddenly had become part of my consciousness again. We figured it out the other night. At first, she was upset about the fact I had mentioned old girlfriends and such, but then as she thought about it, she said what triggered all that longing for the “team where I felt I belonged” was the trip to Haiti, and being part of the mission’s team.

You know what? She was RIGHT! 100%! Right ON! I was so amazed because when she and I were getting to know each other, I helped her figure these types of things out all the time. I always say that women suffer more damage in broken relationships than men do, and she had some damage. Not a lot, but some. I used to call those things “triggers” because I’d say or do something and it would trigger a “knee jerk” response that was TOTALLY unexpected and not appropriate for the situation. Those things turn out to be what you would call “programmed responses” (trigger sounds easier) to some stimuli (my saying or doing something) that are similar to events which happened in her past with her previous husband.

It can happen to all of us actually. Though, to my knowledge, it’s not happened to me like that before, until now. The way it manifested is interesting I think. Being part of that trip to Haiti gave me a tremendous sense of belonging to something greater than myself. Not that I don’t feel that all the time since I’m part of the body of the church, and I belong to Jesus Christ, but the feeling was quite large and profound as a result of going on the mission trip to Haiti. Apparently, that affected me very deeply on a subconscious level, and triggered the dreams I had (I’ve had that dream about my team mates from LAC more than once now).

Is this a message from The Lord about mission trips or more specifically about my (ours, Cheryl’s and my) being more involved in missions? Stay tuned! It’s very exciting stuff to me!


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