Haiti – Here We Come!

This mass of sheets and tarps will be no match for the rainy season that approaches.

As I prepare to go to Haiti next week, and The Lord prepares my heart, I’d like to put up a quick blog with some things that I’d like you all to keep in mind.

First and foremost, I thank everyone at Living Tower Church for prayers and support, it’s an awesome thing to be used of The Lord for His purposes and His will. I cannot help but think how inadequate I am to the task of helping the Haitian people recover from this disaster. I am only one person, albeit willing to do His will. So then I remember, that’s exactly where I should be: In the center of His will. It’s always the safest place to be, no matter the circumstances.

I think of Paul, in 2 Corinthians (12:8-10) where The Lord told him: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

It is true, we are not up to these tasks – but, He is! And I can think of no greater adventure than to offer my life and my service for my Lord to use according to His purposes! I’ll be a member of a VISA team, as you may know, and we’ll be working with the local leaders to continue their relief and rebuilding plans. Our hope is that much progress can be made before the rainy season sets in.

I also want us all to remember what Bishop Roller said in that very first video he sent back from Haiti after the earthquake: “We’re going to turn the rubble of the old buildings into the mortar for the new buildings.” And some other things the Bishop said in his most recent letter about Haiti (he says it much more eloquently than I can):

“Thank you for standing by the Haitians in this hour of need. How I wish it were only an hour. Unfortunately it’s a long drawn-out crisis. Please continue to pray for stamina for all those involved. Relief workers are stressed, too. Our Haitian leaders are being worn out by the conditions and constant needs. And there is no end in sight. In fact, there is no end. We are still in the beginning stages of a epic struggle. Please continue to pray for God’s mercy.”

Lord, may I be used as an instrument of your mercy. Jesus, I need your strength. I cannot do this by myself. Help the Haitian leaders to continue in your strength Lord. Help the VISA teams to have an impact for Your Kingdom! In your name Jesus. Amen.

Thanks everyone!


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