Iran – The Deadliest State

I wrote a comment on another blog awhile back that said that Israel has literally no options left. They will need to strike Iran very soon. The U.S. has practically abandoned Israel, the current administration at least, and being in the position “Under the bus” the Israeli government will see they have no choice but to act alone against Iran. In spite of all the saber rattling coming out of Iran, I don’t think the U.S. government will commit to any sort of action other than sanctions. It’s just too much “against” President Obama’s and the Liberals he represents agenda.

While various nations including the U.S., U.N., and E.U. demand that Iran stop enriching Uranium, there can be only one outcome of their defiance. We’ve seen it before. Germany was once a militarist state that was defiant and even belligerent. Japan was once similarly disposed, with a powerful militarist government that took action that caused world events to come to a dreadful conclusion. Today, those countries are both powerful allies of the U.S. and other nations, and they can help resolve this issue to insure peace in the Middle East, and security for Israel.

The latest “threats” coming from Tehran seem to point to some sort of devastating blow to the west, which is likely destruction of oil fields. No more crippling blow could be struck, since we have not heeded the lessons of the last few years and weaned ourselves of addiction to oil – especially Middle East oil. Let’s hope that China, whose economy is totally dependent on Iranian oil, and Russia can come to the conclusion that Iran is a threat to world security, and that they will act in a positive fashion to support both Israel and the west to force Iran to back down.


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