Healthcare Reform

Nobody in their right mind in this country would deny that we need healthcare reform. Unfortunately, President Obama’s plan does little to address the real problems that we have in our healthcare system. Our system is a free-market system, designed to provide the best care to those who can afford it, and reasonable care to all others. People with no money usually get some level of care, even though they cannot afford it.

It is important to note that there are no “National” healthcare providers, except that there are companies that operate in most states. Each state has its own rules about both healthcare providers and insurers, regulations vary slightly from state to state. While it is true that I have not read the entire 2700 page document that our President is attempting to shove down our throats, it is true that I have been made aware of a significant amount of the materials through organizations such as the American Center for Law and Justice ( and the Family Research Council (

We can be sure that the President’s plan is close to the Senate’s version of the healthcare reform bill, it contains funding from the federal government for abortion, something none of us want. It contains provisions for making “sure” that all Americans have healthcare coverage, whether they can afford it or not. So, that being the case, just how do we afford it if we don’t have the money to pay for it? That right there is another of the central issues. Only, in this case, it’s not clear where the money will come from, since we don’t really want our government to pay for it either, because then all of us will wind up paying for healthcare for those who cannot afford it.

All small businesses will be forced to offer healthcare for their employees. While that in itself is not a bad thing, in essence the federal government is adding a whole slew of expenses to some businesses that really probably cannot afford it. This country was founded on Main St. America, and it still, to a large extent, is supported by small businesses and their owners.

Where does President Obama’s healthcare reform fall short? The answer to that is that it doesn’t really address the root causes of the healthcare crisis in America. It just “assumes” you can socialize medicine here in the U.S. just like they did in Canada and all will be well. The bill does nothing to address Tort Reform, or Illegal Aliens and their impact on healthcare costs, and a whole host of other issues that we should be attacking first. You don’t just simply say you’re going to step in and run everything and it will all be better – IT WON’T!

Again, anybody with common sense should be able to see that. So what is Tort Reform, and why is that important? Why does it matter? The other day, a woman was awarded $3.5M for a botched breast enhancement surgery. The doctor gave her an extra set of breasts, and a jury happily awarded the woman a HUGE amount of money! What? She got money for a botched “elective” surgery? Surely, she was told there were risks in that surgery, as in any surgery, especially “elective” surgeries.

That’s just _one_ of the roots of the problems in our healthcare system. Then we have a whole bunch of folks who do anything they can to get across the border so they can be sick in an American hospital, because you know what? We pay for it! Our government happily forces us to pay for all those costs, because there is a “privilege” of care in this country, that seemingly nobody will deny. Actually, if I were a Doctor, I probably would treat those folks as well. But, turn around and force taxpayers to pay for it? I think not!

I haven’t even mentioned that Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest supporters of President Obama’s healthcare reform, because they think they’ll benefit hugely from the federal funding for abortion. Can you see giant clinics in sprawling inner-city neighborhoods, where any young girl can walk in and get an abortion for free? You think the past 30 years have seen a genocide? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The last point I will make, and this is a doozy – is that Medicare is doomed. Despite whatever our President says, he is a liar! They will gut Medicare to pay for this HORRIFICALLY expensive (and scandalous) healthcare reform. You can bet your bottom dollar on that! Wouldn’t it just be better to fix Medicare, and the other things I’ve talked about, rather than try to shoot for the moon with a pop gun?


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