Alcohol & Drugs


As a drug addict and alcoholic, I never deny that drugs and alcohol make you feel great. That’s not the point. The problems come when you start to become dependent on either drugs or alcohol to feel good. Pretty soon, you need drugs just to feel “normal.” When you get to that point, you’re addicted. It’s a very fine line that you can cross without even knowing it.

Some people (like my wife Cheryl) have a glass of wine every now and then, it’s no big deal. She doesn’t “need” it to feel normal or good, or to “party” with friends or whatever.

If you find yourself “self-medicating” in order not to feel the pain of this world or to feel “normal,” then you need to do that intensive self-analysis to determine if you’ve crossed the invisible line.

Nobody “needs” drugs or alcohol to function. I’ve lived over 27 years of my life without both, and I’m just fine. =) Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to have either or both to “fit in” or to have fun. I’ve had more fun in my life since being clean and sober, than I ever had when I was doing drugs and drinking. I was so drugged and fogged back then that it was literally impossible to know when I was feeling good (a side-effect of not wanting to feel pain is you don’t get to feel anything good either).


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