Tribute To A Soldier’s Soldier

“Retired Army Colonel Robert L. Howard, a Medal of Honor recipient who was awarded eight Purple Hearts for his service in the Vietnam War, was to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. Howard, who died on Dec. 23, was 70.

“Howard was wounded 14 times during 58 months of combat duty — five tours — in Vietnam. He retired from the Army as a full colonel in 2006 after 36 years in the U.S. military — 52 years of Government Service — including more than 33 years on airborne status.” (From FOX News)

Colonel Howard was truly a “Soldier’s Soldier,” one whom we can all look up to both for his service to his country, his gallantry, his exceptional bravery under fire, and his service towards his fellow man. His awards read like a “Who’s who” of service awards, having earned an entire chest full of ribbons, medals and decorations. He acted in 2 movies with John Wayne, and I’m sure even “The Duke” looked up to this man.

I’m not impressed by much, especially when it comes to individual achievement, but I am very impressed by Colonel Howard. All I can further say is: I wish I had met you Colonel Howard. You will be missed.


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