It appears my email account on Hotmail was “hijacked.” There are numerous reports of hijackings happening recently. The supposed email that went out from me came out around 9:39 pm MST Thursday night (Feb. 11) and the enclosed link was an ad for an unnamed product. I sent apologies to all, and apologized again for the (silly and mostly unneeded) bandwidth used for the apology. =) I have changed my password on my Hotmail account and this (hopefully) will prevent future occurrences.

Hackers are everywhere and apparently very busy. I’ve changed my passwords everywhere else as a precaution since you never know where and how they will strike next. What are you gonna do? These days we have to use the Internet, and yet it seems to be getting more and more dangerous (or less and less secure). Gotta keep on top of these things.

Thankfully, it was a pretty innocuous thing. At first I was confused, as my computer was not on at the time of the emails going out, then I figured it was a virus on somebody else’s computer who had a similar contact list, but on further research, it was my contact list that got sent this silly SPAM and the SPOOF aspect of it makes it look like it came from me. My only logical conclusion is they either guessed my password, used a cracker to figure it out, or they captured a packet with it in there somehow and were able to hijack the account. There is no indication in my “sent” email box of those emails having gone out either, so there may be another explanation.

I’ve forwarded all the evidence I have, that included a complete email header from one of the messages that “bounced” (return to sender for those not clue to Internet parlance) and it showed where the emails were sent from (not directly traceable I’m sure, but it proves where they might have come from, or the last computer the hacker was logged into when the emails were sent). The trail is not cold! I reported it to Microsoft, to Internet CERT, and several other agencies. We must be diligent to stop this type of thing.


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