Haiti – Manmade disaster?

It’s not too Politically Correct to suggest that maybe we created this disaster ourselves, but somebody needs to point out some facts about Haiti. I recently posted a blog entry where I showed that since over 97% of the forests in Haiti have been removed, the land left behind has been ravaged. The people are starving because they cannot grow anything and there are no fish around the island because the reefs have been killed by soil erosion. This has led to a large, make that HUGE influx of folks into the populated areas (Port Au Prince) where they are dependent upon food aid. The overcrowding, the lack of standards for building and such led directly _and_ indirectly to all those structures collapsing in the earthquake with such a great loss of life.

When I first heard about the disaster in Haiti it sounded like 20-50k people had lost their lives. The more I listened to reports, the more it sounded like about 1/10 of the folks in that populous area had lost their lives. That’s 300k people lost their lives! The Red Cross estimates are currently at about 200k killed in this devastating earthquake. Their number is likely to grow towards my estimate.

This is a terrible human tragedy, but one that could have been somewhat avoided. It is the responsibility of the rest of the world now to see this type of thing does not happen again. We must rebuild Haiti, take the lessons from there and apply them elsewhere (Africa!). We can rebuild properly in Haiti, but we must rebuild (and build!) elsewhere as well to prevent this type of disaster.

Pressure must be brought on those who have (Oil rich nations) to help those who have not. Aid and support must flow from technology rich nations to those who have little. We must help them reforest to help them make their land rich and supportive again. We can turn deserts into lush farmlands. We have the technology, we must do this. As a Christian, I am dedicated to that proposition. I pray The Lord will use me and my wife, our resources, to help these countries that desperately need the help to rebuild their infrastructure. That will bring hope. That’s putting the “rubber” of The Gospel on the road.


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