Strange Day

I’m sitting here watching the snow fall outside my kitchen window wondering why I haven’t posted anything to my blog so far this year? It’s one of those very strange weather days where it was actually warmer this morning when I got out of bed than it is now (1p or so). It was about 30 degrees (f) when I got up this morning so I went for a walk, and when I got back it was down to 20 degrees. Now at the present time it’s down to about 10 degrees and still getting colder! The wind is blowing pretty hard, and it’s snowing lightly but steady.

Something you get used to in Colorado I guess. I’m uploading the latest sermon audio from our church last Sunday to the church’s web site at the moment. We had our Superintendent Dennis Jeffery come and speak to us as Pastor Wes was out of town. Dennis batted one out of the park we thought! He spoke on John 6 and tied it into caring for the poor and hungry in our world. Cheryl and I were so motivated that we decided to get in touch with the Eden Reforestation Project:

That organization was started just a few years ago by a Pastor in Southern California. He wanted to make a difference in the country of Ethiopia where deforestation had ravaged the land. He started making trips and collecting donations and now, just a few short years later, the project that he started is responsible for planting over 10M trees! They are teaching stewardship of the environment as well since so much of that part of the world – and to a much larger extent the “Third World” as a whole – is dependent on wood / charcoal for fuel. When you live in a primitive economy such as that, you literally have no choice but to go and cut down trees to use them for fuel.

The same has happened in Haiti where they’ve cut down over 97% of the trees on the island. The top-soil has been washed out to sea, and that has killed the reefs which has caused the fish to either die or go away, thus the people are starving, and they have nothing left to live off in their land: They’ve become dependent on food aid. This is an idea The Lord has been moving in our hearts for some time. We are going to get involved in this reforestation project and see where it leads us.

You know, with a really concerted effort, you can plant a lot of trees. During the 1930’s the CCC planted over 3 Billion trees in the Northwest! I believe it was also the CCC that was largely responsible for planting the trees we have here in Colorado as well. That’s an unfortunate thing because we had a very large “mono-forest” here in Colorado, made up largely of Lodgepole and some Ponderosa Pines. Those trees have been severely impacted by the Pine Beetle and on the 2M acres here in Colorado infested with Pine Beetles, probably 90% of the trees are dead. Think about that, 2M acres, probably somewhere about 50-200 trees per acre, that’s roughly 100M – 400M trees – DEAD!

In other words, we have work to do here in Colorado too. This tree planting thing is part of our overall stewardship of this planet. It’s not something you do and forget. You must keep doing it over and over. You get the idea. We’ve got to teach those who come after us to be Tree shepherds too. Then, and only then, will we really have a positive economic impact on those parts of the “Third World” that are living in such terrible circumstances that they must slash and burn forests to survive.


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