Go Broncos!

Hey all!

The Broncos are having a pretty good season this year so I just wanted to add my very public “Rah! Rah!” for them to beat the Raiders tomorrow. The Raiders were one of the first “sellout” teams way back when. I lived in LA when they came there. Up to that time we had the Rams (Lambs) and had very few winning seasons. LA basically “bought” the Raiders and had them move south a few hundred miles. Then, they never put together a winning season while there. Yuck, yuck.

You can tell what I feel about teams moving around seeking the $biggest$ paycheck. Maybe it’s not the players, but the owners, eh? I’m not really much of a sports fan either, but I do think well of the Broncos this season. I’ve been very impressed with the fellows on the defense. There’s that one guy, he’s always rallying the other players, and playing to the top of his ability and getting others to do likewise. They’re really starting to “gel” and become a team. That’s what impresses me. Not big salaries, or impressive scores, just team play. That’s what does it for me.

So go guys! Play your hearts out and beat up those Raiders!


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