An “Inconvenient” Truth

It was proved already that what Al Gore said yesterday about “The Polar cap may melt in 5 years” was not based on any science (scientific evidence, research, etc…) at all. The guy is just blowing smoke like a politician still. I can’t believe he got a Nobel Peace Prize. That’s almost as lame as a President getting a NPP and then justifying war.

But, the world doesn’t have to make sense does it? It’s not based on “truth!”

What you can read today about Global Warming:

NASA’s latest predictions indicate cooling NOT warming.
Ah, and remember this important fact, conveniently hidden by NPR and the other GW propagandists. It is from the latest National Geographic Publication:
Mars [ice cap] Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says.

The latest polls now show that a large majority of the US population no longer believe that global warming is man-made.
Of course, hundreds of scientists including many dozens of top professors from the world’s leading universities have signed petitions positing that global warming advocates have no solid science behind them.

Yet another stupid agenda out the window – into the COLD. Now let’s see if the politicians still go forward with their agenda.

NASA sunspot activity prediction indicates next decade coldest in over a century [FR Exclusive]
Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA ^ | December 13, 2009 | nwrep



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