Patriotism In America

Addendum (2009-01-05):

I heard (a couple weeks ago, sorry) that this fellow was allowed to keep his flag and flagpole. A small victory for patriotism in America, and the _right_ to show it!


OK, the daily topic is Patriotism. Sadly, Patriotism has gone out of style. While it may be true that we are becoming more “global-minded” in our citizenship, I still think it’s a good thing to be patriotic and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and salute the flag and things like that. I read this morning that a fellow, a Medal of Honor winner, 90 years old in Richmond, Virginia, is being ordered by his homeowner’s association to remove his flagpole.

Now, first of all, isn’t expressing our patriotism a “right” under the Constitution? Isn’t it part of the First Amendment just like pornography and all that other crap that people pass off as “art” these days? And what about blogging and sounding off, is patriotism any less than that? Is it “OK” for the liberals to promote indecent exposure and sex with children (what’s the name of that organization NAMBLA?) while those of us who believe in the Bible, and everything decent are not allowed to express those things? Patriotism is a good and decent thing and I think that the ACLU should be guaranteeing that fellow his RIGHT to display his flag no matter what the HOA says!

Instead the ACLU gets behind legislation where ONE PERSON objects to a war memorial because there is a cross in it and it’s on public land. I think that the left-leaning liberals in the ACLU should take a long look at themselves and decide whether the wants of the few really outweigh the needs of the many. Should one person be able to dictate laws to the rest of us in this country? Was it really correct to remove prayer from schools because a few Athiests got together and decided they didn’t want it?

I’ve had ENOUGH of the ACLU! Who do they think they are? I can say what I darned well please in a public place, and I can display a Nativity scene in front of my house if I want. Cities can even display them on city property. Why not? The fact that the founding fathers of this country removed all references to “God” from the Constitution should not denote to anyone that they believed a God-less society was to be desired, rather what they were striving for was a place where people could worship God as they pleased, or didn’t. I think we should file a lawsuit against the ACLU for trying to remove our heritage from our public monuments and places of law.

It’s CRIMINAL in my mind what they’ve done over the past 50 or so years in this country. We’ve seen increasing moral decay, and a shift away from the church as a place of “hope” to looking to the government for hope, and a handout. Organizations like ACORN display to us the WORST in government, and government backed assistance programs. We can also look to the lottery. 50 years ago, there was no lottery. Then suddenly, along with gambling on Indian Reservations, came this thing called the lottery. It was going to be a panacea that would magically cure the shortfalls in government coffers, while providing a chance at wealth and happiness for millions of folks.

It’s false hope is all it is, criminal in my mind. I used to live in California where they first had the lottery back in the 1980’s. I used to drive through Watts on the way home from work and see these lines stretching for blocks around the liquor stores. All those folks would be in line waiting to buy lottery tickets, because the “prize” had grown to several millions of dollars. The TV crews would go and interview those folks, and every one of them to a person would say something like “When I win I’m gonna …” I tell you, it’s criminal what the government has done, instituting a system of false hope for the poor. Do you think the rich play the lottery? NO WAY! It’s only poor folks, and some middle class probably, thinking they’ll “get rich quick” and be happy for the rest of their lives. Face it, the lottery is a tax!

There are many stories of lottery winners being broke after a few short years of “high living” or having their money stolen from them by unscrupulous investment counselors and such. It used to be in America that people looked to the Church for help and hope. That was up until the FDR administration and the “New Deal.” We trained up a whole generation of leaders in WWII who came back after the war and created a prosperous and wealthy nation, one that became enamored of “consumerism.” We built an economy that had to entice everyone in the lower and middle classes to spend every nickel they earned on the promise of getting the “newest, best, and most advanced” products available. No matter what it is, you can still find nearly every product around touting those familiar claims of “New and improved!”

And somehow or other, we have gotten to the point where a HOA is trying to make it illegal to express patriotism? How in the heck did that happen? We’ve not become new and improved we’ve gotten sloppy and lazy is all we’ve done. Get mad! Get out there and tell folks you aren’t gonna take it anymore! Write letters to your congressman and senators, use your rights to preserve and protect what’s decent and good in this country before it’s too late!


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