The USPS Breaks Things


This may not come as a surprise to many, but I had an experience a couple years back and thought I should document it. I found a cute little set of “Coca-cola” village pieces on eBay, and the price was right, and the lady selling them said she’d be happy to combine the shipping on them, so I bid on several and won 5 of them. They were packed carefully, and shipped during the month of December. I intended to add those pieces to our Christmas Village. The fact that they were all Coca-cola was great, since Cheryl is a HUGE Coca-cola collectibles fan.

Anyhow, the box arrived with all the pieces in it, and it appeared to have been dropped. One corner was clearly damaged. We decided to open it up and see. Every single piece inside the box was crushed, it appeared the box was dropped onto concrete from at least a height of 20 feet, even in spite of the markings on every side of the box that the contents were “FRAGILE.” I’m reminded of the scene from the Christmas movie classic: “A Christmas Story” where Darrin McGavin reads the label on the box and says “Fra-geel-eh, must be French or Italian, right?”

The gorillas at the USPS tried throwing our box loaded with fragile items, and no matter how well you pack some things, if you drop them from that height, they are going to all crush themselves, and they did. I promptly took the box, the entire box, the contents, the shipper notice, the insurance information and all to the USPS office, the guy looked at me like I was crazy. But, he accepted it all, I walked out with my claim and never heard another word from them. It was only a year later I remembered the incident, apparently it was so upsetting I blocked it out or something.

Anyhow, the USPS has no accountability. If you get insurance, you still may never get your money on a fragile item. Moral of the story: Never ship fragile items USPS. The gal who initially tried helping me behind the desk – before the manager got involved – said distinctly that “You should never ship anything fragile as Parcel Post.” I just won’t ever ship anything fragile through the USPS ever again.

This is in the spirit of “Don’t get mad – get even!” You US Postal Service employees who broke my wife’s Christmas Village pieces know who you are and you are animals!


One thought on “The USPS Breaks Things

  1. Sheesh, I completely forgot to record another USPS “Breakage” incident. I collect ancient coins, and many years ago I purchased (won, bid, whatever) on Ebay an ancient “Olbia” or Dolphin coin. The “Coin” was shaped like a Dolphin, but it was used as money in the Ancient Greek civilization in the city of Olbia. Anyhow, the guy who shipped this one got Insurance on it, so he may have gotten his money back. But we are talking about an ANCIENT piece of history here, something that survived nearly 2.5 Millenia did not survive the USPS. He shipped it in a padded envelope, and in spite of the fact they tell you “Nothing thicker than 1/4″ will go through the rollers of their machines, this thing that was well over 1/2” thick went through the rollers, and the ancient coin/money/dolphin piece was crushed. I was really sick over that incident too.

    If you can’t tell, I DETEST the USPS! As I said above, they have no accountability, and there is almost no way to get a straight answer from them on anything. The only people who know anything are the ones working behind the desks. The management in charge of this venerable old organization is a bunch of idiots. Complete imbeciles.

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