Boycott Black Friday

I am categorically refusing to take part in this “stampede” this year or any year. You just have to wonder whether all those people are out there really buying gifts for other people or for themselves. My guess is it’s about 50/50, but hedging more towards 90/10 when it comes to buying high end electronics and things like that. I don’t believe that commercialism does any good for the holiday spirit, nor does it portray anything like the real meaning of Christmas.

Materialism and acquisitiveness are definitely things to avoid. We have so much in our “western” society, we need to be generous to others. That’s the bottom line for us. We’re going to try and serve a meal to some homeless folks or something. That’s what we’ll be doing this year. There’s so many other ways to help out those who are less fortunate. Let’s start calling it “Giving Friday” or something in order to remember that we must give in order to receive. The greatest gift of all is love isn’t it?


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