SpongeBob SquarePants Night!

Hey –

This was too fun. You may think that an almost 50 year old “former” hippie type who doesn’t drink would shy away from “Art Night” at the local Punk Bar, but we were invited and we loved it! Since I don’t drink any longer, and haven’t for many years, it becomes far more interesting to “People Watch” at these types of events. My nephew is friends with one of the guys who was providing music for the evening. There were four artists all painting “Live” to support artistic culture. There was no charity involved, the organizers do this once a month and call it “My Beating HeART.” The theme, if you haven’t guessed it by now, was SpongeBob last night.

The paintings ranged from the surreal, where a “Sea Nymph” has a tattooed SpongeBob on her torso, to the macabre, where SpongeBob is presented in a nightmarish dreamscape right out of El Greco. The artists were all young, aspiring and quite talented we thought. We loved the event, the gathering, the people, and if I may say so, the culture. There’s nothing “phony” about Punk culture, what you see is what you get. Sure, kids dress weird, but there was none of that last night at the bar (no chains, no grunge, no weirdness). The younger crowd were arrayed in stylish, to hoodies. The women tending more towards the stylish, while the guys in mostly t-shirts with caps turned every angle.

We survived the smoke and the booze for about 3 hours of rollicking entertainment, and then had to call it a night. It was interesting to say the least, and as I said, quite entertaining. The “highlight” of the evening eluded us however, as they were raffling off the art work at the end of the night. We made it to just after 11p before turning into pumpkins. We passed our raffle tickets along to the members of the band that had played following my nephew’s friend. All in all, it was spontaneous (for us), quite different, and quite enjoyable. You don’t often get a chance to mix with a culture that is completely different from your norm, and I recommend heartily that if you do find yourself presented with this type of opportunity then you should take it!

Check it out:

Suzy’s Bar & Grill
1141 Aviation Blvd
Hermosa Beach Ca

The “My Beating HeART” happens once a month, Friday nights? Possibly sometimes on Saturday nights? We’re not sure, but check it out!


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